30 Jan 2013

Pippa's new love...

....is a doorway bouncer!

She seems to really like it: at the moment there's lots of pirouetting around her toes and also lifting up her knees so that she drops down a little, then standing up again. She hasn't yet worked out how to actually bounce but squeals with delight nonetheless!

Rufus thinks it is the most marvellous of inventions....now, Pippa is exactly at the ideal licking height. He is so sweet, as soon as I put her in it he lies next to her and appears not to mind getting kicked in the face every other second. Every now and then he'll stand up, wash her face and hands and then sigh and lie back down!

Admittedly, the pack of baby wipes are nearer at hand than they were pre-bouncer, but even still I am not overly paranoid about cleaning her after every 'wash' from Rufus. I figure that she'll have the best immune system out there after all her Rufus baths!

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