27 Oct 2012

Clockwork baby?

I have started to attempt getting Pippa into some sort of proper routine.  For those of you in the know I realise that these next two words will prompt a strong reaction, one way or another,  we have been following.....Gina Ford! Now,  I do not wish to start any sort of debate, discussion or slanging match (as I have so often seen on forums and at coffee mornings when "She who must not be named" is mentioned),  I am purely writing from our personal experience to date and from my own perspective.

For those who don't know, Gina Ford is the author of 'The Contented Little Baby" series of books and has been associated with a relatively hard line approach to getting your baby into a routine. 

21 Oct 2012

The worlds' worst blogger?!

Ohhhhh dear...I seem to have massively, massively lapsed on the old blogging this last week and a half.  I can only apologise - my multi-tasking, comically inspired and creative juices have obviously dried up!  I appear to not be as great at blogging whilst mummying as I thought I was.  Must try harder.  (We've been starting to get Pippa into a routine over the last 2 weeks - she doesn't always bide by the book and sleeping/waking/feeding times are a tad haywire as a result....I shall blame that!)

9 Oct 2012

"Breast is best"....but far from easy!

These days all the books, advice and healthcare professionals hammer home the outstanding benefits of breastfeeding.  I know people have always been aware of the benefits, but there was a period when many women were heading to the formula in preference of the boob and for whatever reason there really does now seem to be a huge drive to persuade women to breastfeed instead.  In most situations I've encountered so far  lots of provisions and support have been put in place to help achieve this.  Luckily,  I have always wanted to breastfeed and have needed no persuasion.

After a morning feed in bed 

8 Oct 2012

An emotional 24 hours...

In my hopes of turning Pippa into a true 'Gina Ford' baby one day I thought I'd attempt to get her used to a bottle so that Husband (or any other willing devotee) can theoretically do the evening feed,  thus allowing me an extra few hours in bed.  Getting little Pip 'onto the bottle' would also make extravagant (and presently unimaginable) excursions to places such as the hair dressers or going out for a run / wheeze around the park possible.  Now, I would like to emphasise the one day part of my first sentence.  I am not in any particular rush to achieve the heavenly state of Gina-dom and am very aware that Pippa is still very small.  But I didn't think that giving it a go this once could hurt and I know many girls who have got their babies onto the bottle very early on and had no problems doing bottle and boob side-by-side.

Pippa's first bottle....and probably her last for a few weeks yet!

7 Oct 2012

Vets and Midwives

Again, I am very sorry that I have been AWOL for the last week or so;  things in our household have been a bit haywire recently and the three of us (and Rufus) have been rather occupied with settling into our groove ( I shall post separately about an especially 'interesting' 36 hours in particular). 

Pippa in her snowsuit, ready for her first Babybjorn outing
(taken about 10 days ago - pre 16oz weight gain)

5 Oct 2012

An apology

Just to say sorry for being rubbish at updating my blog this last week ..... I'm getting back up to speed now so I will post ASAP!!