4 Aug 2013

Our first family holiday!

We went on holiday to South Wales, where we hired a holiday cottage with Grandma and Grumps for a week. The weather had been amazing all month and then the day before we left it turned.  Boo! It was still dry most of the time, we even managed a whole day on the beach (after much weather forecast browsing and wet weather planning!).  But luckily the cottage Grandma had chosen had really good living areas so it didn't matter if the rain forced us to stay inside on a couple of days. 

On a walk to a nearby headland.  Beautiful.

We're baaaaack!

Oh dear.  I seem to have not written a single post for 2 whole months.  I used to like to think of myself as relatively organised and efficient….pah!! I’ve certainly proved myself wrong on that one; I seem to have become utterly useless.  No excuses whatsoever I’m afraid  - we moved house a couple of days after my last post and I originally gave myself a week to get that out of the way before updating the blog. Well, that was one looooooong week!