9 Feb 2014

Pippa's first haircut.....by me!

I've been loving seeing Pippa's hair getting longer and longer, especially considering her early days of monk-style mullet and bald patches.  Despite the new length she still has a habit of rubbing the back of her head and getting her hair into little matts.  This makes the hair all fuzzy and break off, so her hair's been growing a little unevenly, longer at the front and shorter at the back....trendy possibly for a teenager, not so for a baby (can't believe I just used the word trendy). 

I've been thinking for a while that she really needs a hair cut, but I suddenly got impatient (and a bit of a creative urge), so at 6pm on Thursday night I decided to even it out a little.  Myself!  

I had to go fairly short so that it was all in line with her shorter bits at the back. But I think it looks acceptable!?  Just!

(Tip: Peppa Pig on the laptop proved a very
successful method to keep her still!)

3 Sep 2013

A new leaf......

So I continue to be awful at updating my blog.  I feel so guilty, as it was meant to be something we could all look back on and reminisce about.  I have realised that the huuuuge backlog of posts I need to write covering the last 3 and a half months are just hanging over me and are putting me off blogging.....I feel that I have so much to catch up on that I don't know where to start and the whole prospect is becoming a chore.  

Some photos from this last weekend, when Pip, in her gorgeous 80's-esque romper suit, got adorned with a Chanel ribbon........that's sophostication, right there! Thank you Lulu at Berry Diaries for the amazing photography skills!

So, instead of sitting down to write each and every post idea I've had over the blogging drought and doing separate posts for every amazing development Pippa's had I am just going to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.


Since mid-May Pippa has grown from a happy little baby, who was sitting up and starting to get her very own personality, to the very mobile, many-toothed mini-toddler she is now. I really do feel she is on the brink of leaving babydom behind. So much chatting, crawling, scoffing, giggling, teething, chasing and exploring.  She is saying Daddy (albeit to me, Rufus AND John), giving Rufus proper hugs, climbing on and off the sofa herself and throwing rather terrifying little tantrums when she doesn't get her way. 


Rufus is loving our new patch, we can walk in the woods or around beautiful polo pitches right from the front door. He has made lots of friends and has a new Chocolate lab girlfriend called Chloe.  I am loving the new neighbours here and am now feeling like we can definitely carve ourselves a proper life here for the next year.  All in all, life is brilliant with our little family right now.

Here's a bit on where I am in myself at the moment.......(warning - mind dump ahead!)

The pencils part of my blog has been sorely neglected, but I have started to get some more commissions through and am going to work towards a Christmas fair. It's great to get some independence in the mix and I really relish the chance to earn a bit of pocket money again. But finding the time to do it (and do it well) is another story!! I love my art, and whilst I think I could potentially make quite a good sideline in it, effort and commitment pending, I am not convinced that it could ever become a full-time thing for me.  As soon as I start to think of it as something we might be financially dependent on or the pressure mounts up I lose the love for it - it becomes a chore and a duty.


Fellow mummy-friends returning to work have made me really think a lot about my future career options and timings.  I get so envious of the whole prospect of a second income coming in, of turning up to a job, doing your thing and then getting paid for it, rather than the stress of self-marketing, self-promotion and squeezing work in around nappy changes and mealtimes.  I would also kill for an opportunity to really use my brain again.....right now it feels like it's dissolving, slowly but steadily!  I have started thinking about looking at something I can train in or study over the next couple of years which I could ultimately qualify in and use once Pippa and any other future children are all at school. Any ideas are very welcome....! 

But despite this, I know that being a Mummy is what I really want to do and be for the immediate future. I want to see Philippa grow, I want to go for walks together with Rufus, I want to go for play dates and to take her swimming.  I want to be there all the time, I don't want someone else potentially seeing Pippa's first steps or hearing her first proper words.   For me, the emotional costs (let alone the childcare costs) of missing these precious, precious months and early years can never be worth it.  I know it's such a personal choice and sadly not a real choice for some due to finances, circumstance or personal situations.  Sometimes I do think that maybe our finances really won't survive me staying out of work, things are pretty tight at times.  I think if I had had the foresight and brains to really set myself up on a career path prior to having Pippa it would be a different story.  As it is I have no career background to fall back into, I would be starting from scratch in whatever I did.....with a minimal salary to match.  If I was looking at a decent pay packet each month maybe it would make those sacrifices and the associated guilt easier to bear? Maybe not, maybe it's just an excuse I've latched onto?! Either way, for now, I am Mummy.  And that's good enough for me, even if it means beans on toast 3 nights a week!

So in the meantime I shall continue my eternal battle between my maternal self and my (probably imagined/fatastical) potentially high-earning intellectual being. And I shall get back into blogging land. So I missed a couple of lovely months out......well, with the big 1st birthday looming I'm sure I'll soon have more than enough material to make up for it!!

(PS.....BONUS..... I think Pip has just said Mummy for the first time ever, this morning. Ahhhh....there we go, it's all worth it.)

4 Aug 2013

Our first family holiday!

We went on holiday to South Wales, where we hired a holiday cottage with Grandma and Grumps for a week. The weather had been amazing all month and then the day before we left it turned.  Boo! It was still dry most of the time, we even managed a whole day on the beach (after much weather forecast browsing and wet weather planning!).  But luckily the cottage Grandma had chosen had really good living areas so it didn't matter if the rain forced us to stay inside on a couple of days. 

On a walk to a nearby headland.  Beautiful.

Daddy carrying a very reluctant Pippa away from the beach!

We walked past a stud.  This was VERY exciting for someone as obsessed with horses as Pip!


The view from the halfway point of a big walk into the hills.

Pippa was crawling like a madwoman by the time we went on holiday.  The shiny wooden floors in the cottage proved to be a LOT of fun! 


Rufus very much enjoyed his days on the beach......dig, swim, dig, swim, dig, swim, sleep.  What more could a dog ask for?!


Rufus and Daddy swam out to a little island on a sand bank.

On our way home from our beach day.  A tired baby and doggy!


We had a lovely time, I wish I'd taken photos of the cottage.....I was obviously not in blogging mode.  Bad Mummy.  Next year! 

We're baaaaack!

Oh dear.  I seem to have not written a single post for 2 whole months.  I used to like to think of myself as relatively organised and efficient….pah!! I’ve certainly proved myself wrong on that one; I seem to have become utterly useless.  No excuses whatsoever I’m afraid  - we moved house a couple of days after my last post and I originally gave myself a week to get that out of the way before updating the blog. Well, that was one looooooong week!

How on earth to update on what has happened to our little family since then?! For those of you who can’t be bothered to read an essay-length update I shall do a quick list, but for our own reference and future reminiscing I shall also do some proper posts!  

  • We moved house
  • We’ve been to some lovely weddings, christenings, had boozy nights-out, many more stone-cold-sober baby focussed nights-in, been on a long walk for charity.
  • I signed up to a new Military Wives Choir and lots of baby groups.
  • We’ve made some lovely new neighbours
  • I still miss my old neighbours lots.
  • I’ve been horrendously useless at keeping in touch with friends and family.....apologies to all of you who’ve not had a phone call / thankyou card / birthday card of late!
  • Pippa now has 4 teeth
  • She is also crawling…..fast!
  • I’ve finally managed to shift my baby weight
  • Annnnnnd I’m now busy putting it back on whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire!
Right.....onto writing about 100 blog posts.......slowly!

31 Jul 2013

July 2013 - a photo update

July was another lovely sunny month (right up until we went on holiday, more about that later though!).  Pippa thoroughly enjoyed her paddling pool, Rufus thought it was amazing and torture all in one, I was shocked he didn't try and get in once.  He just stared longingly! 



More pram and sling / backpack adventures.....

This is our new street.
Pippa's definitely too big for the stretchy wrap now!
Our (Mummy's) favourite easy walk from home. Lovely
parkland and polo pitches.

Pretty much one of the best highlights of this month was going to visit the other Pippa in our old town.  Whilst there our Pippa fell in love with her rocking horse.......and the drinks cupboard!! There are definitely advantages to having ancient formica Army kitchens - Pippa can't seem to get to grips with the pull strips at the top of the drawers or cupboard doors.  Whereas other Pip's kitchen has handles! This was Pippa's first exploration into cupboards.....oh dear.  It seems our visit also sparked a bit of a fascination with glass bottles, mainly those containing alcohol.  Social Services anyone?

Note the baby-sized bottle of Smirnoff!
Best thing everrrrrrrr....clip, clop, clip, clop!
Back home, ahhhh......maturing in your tastes
Pip eh?!

We went to visit Grandma and Grumps again this month. A surprise from Grumps awaited....does it look familiar Pippy?!

Pippa has her own highchair here...it's a lot more colourful than hers at home. I think she's a fan!  Her hair is definitely grown a lot in the last month, gravity is starting to win out over the spikey look.

Chillin', relaxin' in the sun with the g-rents!


We had a visit from Henry, Pippa's cousin in July too.  They're 6 months apart, which feels like a lot at the moment, but before long it'll be nothing at all.  He was so taken with her Jumperoo that it went home with him!  


Through a contact in my old Miltary Wives Choir we managed to get a free photoshoot for Pippa.  There were some really lovely photos but of course I haven't got around to ordering any yet! The proof the photographer sent was obviously tiny, but it gives you a general idea!

And then my attempts on my phone....!


July brought the arrival of another little cousin for Pippa, Tory.  She's beautiful! We went to visit and managed to get a nice little cousins line-up!

Arthur, Pippa, Henry and Tory (And K!)

And finally just some random snaps from July!

BAD Mummy plugged her little angel into Peppa Pig
This self-feeding malarky can get a wee bit messy Mummy!

My FAVOURITE game at the moment..... hide and seek
with Mummy's debit cards.  Mummy.......Go!!

Bathtime with Daddy.....lots of fun!

Don't think Pippa enjoyed this session of Baby Sensory as
much as Mummy did.

A swimming changing room near cousin Henry's....genious!!