27 Feb 2017

A gorgeous weekend with a gorgeous couple and their bump! Thank you @lucilacaroline. And it was so great to see you @ellsoffroad, been too long! #oldfriends #sussex #meloveyoulongtime

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12 Jan 2016

And supper!

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Meal prep this afternoon. Yum yum!

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13 Jul 2015

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14 Jun 2015

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4 Apr 2015

Back on the horse...

Today I packaged and delivered my first commission since Thomas was born.  It felt good to get back to the pencils and put a little spending money into my account.  However, the work flow is slightly different now.....snatching a few minutes here and there during naps, in the evenings and whilst 'the circle of neglect' and 'the square nanny' are employed. 

But I've certainly got a taste back of how it might be one day.....hours and hours to myself, in a proper studio, with all my materials around me, a coffee machine in the corner and non-nursery rhymes blaring out. Yeah right. 

In the mean time I shall make do with the kitchen table and propping my drawing board up on the fruit bowl. 

Here's Ellie, a sweet girl who sadly departed last year. So it was a lovely but emotional hand over to my customer this afternoon. 

Someone's swapped my baby

I've always been very fortunate that Thomas and Pippa have both slept really well at night. And now that they share a room in our new house I have been so thankful that they've continued to do so.  But the last two nights Thomas has decided that, between the hours of 7 and 11, sleep is soooo overrated. 

He is sitting on the sofa next to me as I type, watching The Voice and just "ba ba ba-ing" and giggling whenever I look at him.  Very happy and full of the joys of spring....yet as soon as I open his bedroom door the tears start.  Hmmm...someone has taken my baby and swapped him with an adorable, manipulative little rat bag. 

This is most un-conducive to mummy and daddy's social lives.....how are we meant to swan off on date nights and dinner parties now?!  Last night he joined in a dinner party with our neighbours, had a great time on a playmat whilst Daddy sampled the whisky collection.  Good parenting!

Well, let's hope he deigns to concede to bedtime soon, as mummy has lots of cooking to do in the morning, ready for a big family Easter Sunday lunch tomorrow. And a tired mummy makes for a lot of bad language in the kitchen and a very noisy smoke alarm. 

2 Apr 2015

It's too late.....

......see! I reeled you in with a catchy title, only to reveal that I'm officially the most useless blogger and my title actually just refers to the lateness of the hour and hence my lack of inspiration.  How disappointingly dull.  Apologies. 

26 Mar 2015

Spring is a-comin'

Well my little boy is now 9 months old, my daughter is 2 and a half and we have been living in our new house for 7 months.  Needless to say I have yet again had a ridiculous lapse in my blogging presence, however I am going to plead complete ignorance and carry on regardless.  One day I will fill in the blanks.  One day.  

I can't believe we've been here that long already.  But at the same time, it feels as if that August, when Husband returned from exercise and we then started the big move, was years ago rather than months.  Summer, too, feels like it ended years ago.   But, praise the Lord, in the last few days winter feels like it may be finally starting to wave goodbye.  

Whilst I am now very happy where we are and with the choices we made about leaving army quarters, winter has played its part in my initial difficulties in settling into our new little house.  It seems trivial, but just having the extra logistical challenges associated with the need for two sets of coats, hats, wellies, etc. to leave the house, together with less daylight hours and the requirement to use the car to go anywhere all served to make my days just a bit more of an effort.  

I yearn for the days of donning a pair of flip flops and strolling to next door-but-one on the patch for a play date, or throwing a rug onto the lawn and having lazy garden picnics amongst the rabbits, letting Rufus and the children go free-range.

Back on the old patch and in our old quarter garden

Whilst I am certainly going to have to use the car far more often than last year, play dates may be a bit more far-flung and the garden may be a 1/5th of the size of our old one, I can now see a summery light at the end of the tunnel.  Rolllllll on Spring! 

19 Nov 2014

A busy week...

I've not updated for a few days and I have found that I have missed my little debrief with my laptop at the end of the day.  Perhaps this is a sign that my sanity is finally seeing the effects of too many evenings on my own now?! I don't expect that this post will be overly exciting for anyone else to read, but I wanted to jot down our goings on regardless and it's an excuse to upload some piccies!

Tonight I am feeling slightly flat and have a massive case of brain freeze/head full of porridge feeling.  I blame a day with an extremely stroppy toddler (who threw extremely loud and embarrassing tantrums every time she had to be bent in half to get shoved into her pushchair or car seat) coupled with a spot of comfort eating after bedtime to make it all better.  But sadly I have thrown out all food that could even vaguely provide any form of comfort in my latest health craze, so in essence I have just wasted a binge on 'healthy-labelled' snacks, so zero satisfaction achieved!  On a positive, my part-time health drive did result in one of these for breakfast today.......despite appearances it was YUM!  

18 Nov 2014

A solo parent trip to London

On Friday Family Anthistle (minus Daddy obviously) jumped in the car and travelled into London to stay with friends in their new house in Clapham.  I thought I was being terribly brave to be taking all three of my dependents on a solo mission, but actually it was wonderfully easy. Sam and Bindy gave me such an amazing break, some proper respite from dog walking and child entertaining. 


9 Nov 2014

A weekend round-up in pictures

This weekend has been a busy one, with the Mini Market and visits to friends old and new. We also had a quick visit to Grandma and Grumps'.  Pippa was feeling a bit sorry for herself because of a bit of a lingering ear infection, but a cuddle from Grumps always works wonders.  The novel headgear helped too! 

8 Nov 2014

Mini market day

I haven’t done any artwork at all since Thomas was born and have really done very little in terms of commissions or card sales in the last year. So when the opportunity came up to have a stall at a little local village fair I thought it would be the perfect way to ease myself back into it.  I am aware that my window of productivity is growing smaller (as Thomas becomes more mobile, my ability to sit and work during the day whilst Pippa is at nursery will dwindle!), but I still wanted to give it a go.  After all, I do have about 500 cards under the spare room bed I need to shift!

Last night was a late one, I was up until 2am packing cards.  I thought I had a stash ready to go….but it turns out I had just 6 made up.  So I had to get busy.  Mind numbing stuff!  

6 Nov 2014

A caffeine filled day and a few too many selfies...

Today has been a standard Thursday for family Anthistle (or what's left of us without Daddy about).  Pippa goes to nursery on Thursdays and then Thomas and I go for coffee with a great group of mummies and their babies in a local pub.