4 Aug 2013

We're baaaaack!

Oh dear.  I seem to have not written a single post for 2 whole months.  I used to like to think of myself as relatively organised and efficient….pah!! I’ve certainly proved myself wrong on that one; I seem to have become utterly useless.  No excuses whatsoever I’m afraid  - we moved house a couple of days after my last post and I originally gave myself a week to get that out of the way before updating the blog. Well, that was one looooooong week!

How on earth to update on what has happened to our little family since then?! For those of you who can’t be bothered to read an essay-length update I shall do a quick list, but for our own reference and future reminiscing I shall also do some proper posts!  

  • We moved house
  • We’ve been to some lovely weddings, christenings, had boozy nights-out, many more stone-cold-sober baby focussed nights-in, been on a long walk for charity.
  • I signed up to a new Military Wives Choir and lots of baby groups.
  • We’ve made some lovely new neighbours
  • I still miss my old neighbours lots.
  • I’ve been horrendously useless at keeping in touch with friends and family.....apologies to all of you who’ve not had a phone call / thankyou card / birthday card of late!
  • Pippa now has 4 teeth
  • She is also crawling…..fast!
  • I’ve finally managed to shift my baby weight
  • Annnnnnd I’m now busy putting it back on whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire!
Right.....onto writing about 100 blog posts.......slowly!

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