31 Jul 2013

July 2013 - a photo update

July was another lovely sunny month (right up until we went on holiday, more about that later though!).  Pippa thoroughly enjoyed her paddling pool, Rufus thought it was amazing and torture all in one, I was shocked he didn't try and get in once.  He just stared longingly! 



More pram and sling / backpack adventures.....

This is our new street.
Pippa's definitely too big for the stretchy wrap now!
Our (Mummy's) favourite easy walk from home. Lovely
parkland and polo pitches.

Pretty much one of the best highlights of this month was going to visit the other Pippa in our old town.  Whilst there our Pippa fell in love with her rocking horse.......and the drinks cupboard!! There are definitely advantages to having ancient formica Army kitchens - Pippa can't seem to get to grips with the pull strips at the top of the drawers or cupboard doors.  Whereas other Pip's kitchen has handles! This was Pippa's first exploration into cupboards.....oh dear.  It seems our visit also sparked a bit of a fascination with glass bottles, mainly those containing alcohol.  Social Services anyone?

Note the baby-sized bottle of Smirnoff!
Best thing everrrrrrrr....clip, clop, clip, clop!
Back home, ahhhh......maturing in your tastes
Pip eh?!

We went to visit Grandma and Grumps again this month. A surprise from Grumps awaited....does it look familiar Pippy?!

Pippa has her own highchair here...it's a lot more colourful than hers at home. I think she's a fan!  Her hair is definitely grown a lot in the last month, gravity is starting to win out over the spikey look.

Chillin', relaxin' in the sun with the g-rents!


We had a visit from Henry, Pippa's cousin in July too.  They're 6 months apart, which feels like a lot at the moment, but before long it'll be nothing at all.  He was so taken with her Jumperoo that it went home with him!  


Through a contact in my old Miltary Wives Choir we managed to get a free photoshoot for Pippa.  There were some really lovely photos but of course I haven't got around to ordering any yet! The proof the photographer sent was obviously tiny, but it gives you a general idea!

And then my attempts on my phone....!


July brought the arrival of another little cousin for Pippa, Tory.  She's beautiful! We went to visit and managed to get a nice little cousins line-up!

Arthur, Pippa, Henry and Tory (And K!)

And finally just some random snaps from July!

BAD Mummy plugged her little angel into Peppa Pig
This self-feeding malarky can get a wee bit messy Mummy!

My FAVOURITE game at the moment..... hide and seek
with Mummy's debit cards.  Mummy.......Go!!

Bathtime with Daddy.....lots of fun!

Don't think Pippa enjoyed this session of Baby Sensory as
much as Mummy did.

A swimming changing room near cousin Henry's....genious!!

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