30 Jun 2013

June 2013 - photo update

So! The new house.  I think it's the nicest of our Army quarters yet.  It's big!
This is our new back garden, completely with a herd of rabbits, which Rufus loves! 


Unpacking was fun!!

The weather has been amazing (and was set to be one of the best summers I can remember), so we've spent a lot of time outside exploring the area and just chilling in the garden.  Philippa's getting more and more mobile, playing on the parasol pole is a favourite!




Exploring the countryside in the new pram and the sling...


We've started Baby Sensory here now, Pippa loves it still, although it's not quite the same without all the familiar faces, especially her friend Pip!


Just a few random Pippy and Ru pics for good measure! 



We went to Grandma and Grumps' house in Somerset for the weekend in June, where Daddy, Grumps and others did a 30 mile walk for charity.  Mummy, Rufus and Pippa joined in for the last 10! It felt soooo good to do a decent walk.  Hope I can do the whole thing next year (if I'm not preggers again!).


We had a hard morning before joining Daddy and Grumps!

There were some beautiful views (disregarding the M5 of course) and the Pipster was very good in the back pack.  The last 40 minutes were all a bit much for her but she did very well! 



Overall, June has been a lovely month!  We have obviously done a lot more than I managed to take photos of,  but Husband's highly secretive view on photos of himself online mean that most other family snaps are not allowed.  I shall have to get more arty and creative in our poses.....or just make him wear a silly mask! 

Oh and we LOVE our new kitchen! 

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