31 May 2013

May 2013 - photo update

Enjoying some early summer sun, before the packing begins.

Although I am dreading the move, the one thing I am looking forward to is having a kitchen big enough for a table in the new house.  No more perching Pippa's highchair in the middle of the teeny tiny galley kitchen or randomly placed in the dining or sitting room! 

Our last couple of sessions of Baby Sensory and swimming with best pal Pip. We shall miss you and your mummy so much!!


Mummy bought a new pram, for Rufus walking. For the grand total of £30 it is really good!! Goes anywhere and very easy to use. Not the lightest of things but will probably live in the garage ready to go most of the time.

Philippa is getting so much more active and purposeful now. She is starting to adventure on her own and get into everything at every opportunity.  The favourite games so far are emptying boxes, bags, baskets, cupboards etc and launching herself onto Rufus, giggling.  He is very good and doesn't mind one bit, but Pip does end up getting a fairly thorough 'wash' by the end of the game!!

Pippa enjoying her cot one last time before the move.

We stayed overnight at our lovely next door neighbours' house the night before our March Out. It was a good excuse for some great food, wine and chat and Pippa got to have a bath with her boyfriend, oo-er!

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