7 May 2013

What's in my changing bag?

I've seen these posts done on numerous other blogs and for some reason (I can't quite explain it, possibly I'm just incurably nosy and have nothing better to do) they fascinate me.  In a way they seem to sum up the person's character and provide a little glimpse into how their day-to-day lives might run.

I love this! (www.momstobe.blogspot.com)

Now, I have seen some that just seem a bit too perfect and contrived for my liking......there's no way someone can be that organised, with every pooey and snotty eventuality covered, yet still retain such an immaculate and well-ordered changing bag.  Is there?  Yes, I am able to pack all those things too but my changing bag would then never actually do up and it would be so rammed that I'd need to tip it all out onto the floor to ever find anything.  Actually, that is what I end up doing a lot anyway, oh dear!

I bought my changing bag (or nappy bag, change bag, call it what you will) whilst I was pregnant, so although I researched like a geeky demon on what key qualities you should look for and read every review going, it's not until you use a bag for a good couple of weeks that you find out it's true worth.
My changing bag - Mothercare Messenger Bag in 'Stone'

To be honest, it's only really in the last 2 or 3 months that I've started to find the bag really essential. The main culprits being a) Pippa keeps insisting on growing, b) I've stopped breastfeeding (I shall write more on this) and c) solid foods.

A lot of the time beforehand I was pretty well equipped for most issues as long as I had a couple of spare nappies, a muslin and some wipes shoved in my handbag. Whilst you're exclusively breastfeeding everything going into the baby is covered, it's just what comes out of it you need to worry about.  But now the nappies are bigger, the spare clothes are bigger, there's formula pots, bottles, bibs, food pots, spoons, toys, teething paraphernalia...etc etc!!  

So I thought it would be fun (yes, I know, I need a life) to spontaneously empty my bag onto the sitting room floor, snotty tissues, crusty bibs and all, to get an honest look at what I lug about all day!

My changing bag....stuffed to the brim!

The day-to-day paraphernalia.....this could certainly be cut down a bit if I went through the bag a bit more often! 
1. Toys and teething rings

A book (which I've yet to open), a donkey from her playmat,
a comforter (starting to become v popular), teething ring,
teething blanket and Sophie le Giraff
(woe is us if Sophie is ever lost!) and a Lamaze toy.

2. Bottles and food

A bottle with cooled boiled water and
the little formula dispenser tub. One full-
body bib (for food), one normal
bib (for milk) and a spoon.

3. Nappies

Only 1 nappy (that was brave of me!),
wipes and nappy sacks.

4.  Medical stuff (don't know how else to describe it!)

Sun cream, Boots-own version of
Calpol (cheapskate Mummy) with spoon,
a snot-sucker, Anbesol, teeny pot of Sudocrem
and half a breast pad wrapper and a bit of
tissue (just because I am being honest!)

5. "The Red Book'

Where every baby's health, weight, immunisations etc are
all recorded.  Unless I carry this with me I know I will
forget to take it to Dr's appointments and check-ups. Let's
just hope I don't lose the changing bag! 

6. Extra bits.

1 Muslin (again...brave), a spare babygrow
and a sunhat.

7. And finally, my stuff!

Sunglasses, phone, purse, keys, (too many) lip balms, pens, business cards
(you never know who you might bump into!) and the most essential.........
dog poo bags!

I am very aware that the contents of my bag could do with a bit of a cull.  My fear is, however, that whenever I have had a cull in the past, I have undoubtedly needed the very thing I decided to take out the next day.  So for now, it all is getting shoved back in!

So far, I have loved my bag. It is hugely practical and easy to use. However, it is hardly going to win any design awards and is just very......well, practical-looking! I am on the hunt for a new one, but it's going to have a lot to live up to to knock my good ol' workhorse off the top spot!

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