25 Apr 2013

The best sausages in town!

We have recently been frequenting a lovely place called Quintessential Meats. It's in Berkshire, near Windsor and they are Farm Butchers.  So it's a bit like a mini farm shop, mainly focussing on the meats side of things, but with some lovely vege's and deli bits & bobs.  It is run by a lovely couple called James and Charlotte (you can read about them and see a picture of their sweet little family here) and next to the shop is their little house and the pig pens.  I am afraid to say that those pigs are responsible for some of the best sausages I have ever eaten, but they are also great looking beasts with some brilliant personalities, as I discovered when I went to do a piggy photo shoot last weekend. 

I have been selling some of my cards at Quintessential Meats for a couple of months now, but my designs were mainly winter and Christmas themed, so I am now setting about getting some more general ones done.  The sort to appeal to country folk, farming communities and ladies-wot-lunch alike.  But now, most excitingly, my piggy photo shoot is going to help me produce some larger pictures for James and Charlotte to display on their walls. So those gorgeous pigs can be forever immortalised above the butcher's counter!  A tad ironic? Maybe. But very fitting I say!

I shall try and keep updating the blog with my progress on the pigs.  It'll be nice to be able to follow a couple of my pieces through, from start to finish.

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