1 Apr 2013

A visit to Grandma and Grumps

A few days in the countryside and a chance to try out Husbands birthday present......a baby backpack!  

We had lovely walks in the hills, lots of yummy food cooked for us and Pip met all the menagerie, including horses, dogs, chickens, ducks, cockatoo, tortoise (actually still in hibernation, so not actually seen her yet), hamster and fish! 

During our stay we discovered the following:

 1) Whilst in the backpack or BabyBjorn Pippa HATES having the sun in her eyes (she grunts and kicks and then cries if it lasts for more than 4 seconds......tricky when you're walking into the sun, Husband will have to master a crab-like side-walking technique).

2) Mummy is not quite as fit as she would like to be just yet.  Bloody hills.

3) Pippa "technically" fits into a 12-18 month sized rain suit....sort of! And it is VERY pink!

4) She is getting pretty heavy in the old BabyBjorn now....good for the fitness though I guess!

5)  She loves her Auntie!


6) She can cope for approximately 2hrs 10 mins in the backpack before baby meltdown.  Daddy got whacked on the head for the last 20 minutes of this walk.

7) Chewing on one of the backpack straps is great fun.....but tiring work!

Oh and finally,

8) Grandma's cooking is delicious but NOT good for Mummy's weight-loss efforts.  More hillwalking needed!

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