6 Apr 2013


The teething grumblings have been ongoing for about 2 months now, but a couple of weeks ago I knew my poor girl was well and truly teething.  Those little toothie-pegs had really begun to make their presence known and so off Mummy trotted to Boots to buy an arsenal of gels, granules, liquids and painkillers. Here's what I included in my selection:

Here's what I thought of each - 

1. Dentonox Gel
To be honest, I personally found that the Dentinox gel stopped Pippa in her tracks whilst she tasted it but 2 minutes later she was grizzling again. 

2. Teetha sachets
I only tried a couple of the Teetha sachets (lent to me by a friend) and I ended up spilling most of the powdery contents over myself and Pip so it wasn't the best start! I've heard from friends that Teetha is really good for the side effects of teething, rather than particularly helping the pain of them coming through. As yet Pippa doesn't seem to be exhibiting too many other signs so I can't comment.

3. Anbesol
This is a combined antiseptic and local anaesthetic. It's a small bottle and you just wet your finger then rub it on their gums. I found it worked really well, it seemed to have the instant effect like the Dentinox but also kept her much happier for quite a while afterwards.

4. Teething toys and painkillers
If Pippa was particularly suffering I'd turn to Calpol or Calprofen and I always had a teething toy in the fridge for her to gnaw on!

I say 'had' because after the initial couple of weeks the teething seemed to die back down.  It is only in the last couple of days that I think the little gnashers have started to re-rear their ugly little heads. 

I shall have to get my arsenal prepped and ready again....I hope they make a swift appearance! But on the other hand I always think that those first teeth and having a full head of hair are two things which really make babies start to look more like toddlers.  Her hair is certainly getting thicker now so it is only a matter of time. Wahhh! 

(these are from a few weeks ago, but she still loves these toys, thank you Grandma!)

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