10 Apr 2013

Project Highchair Cushion!!

I recently posted about Pippy being a little bit slippy in her highchair (like what I did there?!).  Well, I decided that, rather than buy one of the inserts which are supposed to fit the chair (which I just don't like!), I will make my own instead.

Our highchair - Mothercare Valencia

So, I first made a pattern up out of newspaper by laying it on the chair and drawing around the seat, back and sides.

I used these to cut out the foam pads..... let me tell you, shaping foam using scissors is not easy!!  I cut some slits in the back too, to allow me to feed the harness straps through, something the shop versions are lacking.  Look at me, I am soooooo clever! 

I then used the pattern, adding a couple of inches all around, to cut out the fabric. (Yes, it would have made sense to draw the pattern bigger in the first place, cut the fabric and then trim off the extra to use for the foam, but I only thought of that afterwards, never mind!) I chose a dotty sage green oilcloth.....wipe clean. Essential!! 

Then to the sewing machine! I sewed up 3 sides, sewing in tapes at the corners for attaching the cushion to the chair.  Stuffing the foam into the covers, especially the side panels, proved to be rather tricky and may have involved the use of more than one swear word on my part.

Once I had sewed the sides onto the back panel (this proved to be the biggest logical puzzle EVER, I had major issues trying to work out in what order to attach the panels together and leave openings whilst still being able to turn it all inside out so I could stuff each bit with the foam,  arghh!) I just had to hand sew the openings up and......voila!

Pippy approves.  And doesn't slip out.  Bonus!


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    1. Thanks Steffi! Any excuse for procrastinating over what I ought to really be doing!


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