2 Apr 2013

Highchair love!

So.......Pippy is now progressing into proper highchairs.  Exciting!! Here's how she's got on so far.....

The first, messy days in the bouncy chair.  Yup, it needed washing pretty much instantly!  Still a bit crusty.  Nice!  Good job she doesn't really fit in it anymore then!

In a highchair at the B&B we stayed in for Husband's 30th weekend away. Acres of brightly coloured plastic....probably very practical but not what Mummy has in mind for home.

We bought one!! A Mothercare Valencia (also sold in John Lewis as an East Coast).  It's a wooden chair which folds pretty flat and has a tray you can swing up behind the chair to enable you to push it right up to a table if you want to.  It seems really sturdy and well made.  But a wee bit slippy, so Pip gets wedged in with cushions and a hand towel behind her head to stop her bumping it.  Hmmmmm......I feel a DIY project coming on.  Project highchair cushion....watch this space!

In a chair in Costa.....she seems to fit this a bit better, but then again she is growing like a weed at the moment so I'm sure she'll fit ours better in no time.

Grandma was very, very kind and bought a highchair to save us lugging one down there every time we go to stay.  And guess what, it is plastic and very bright and colourful......naturally, Pippa loved it!  It did make me think that maybe I should have thought more about what Pippa would like in a highchair, rather than what Mummy would like as a home accessory.   Nahhhhh, tough luck Pippy! You can OD on plastic fantastic at Grandma and Grumps then come home to Mummy's ongoing desperate (and failing) attempts to cling onto the neutral and muted options.  It all balances out.

Ohhh, I'm excited about Project Highchair Cushion......off to measure up the chair right now! 

UPDATE: I did it!! Here is my Project Highchair Cushion post.

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