22 May 2013

Moving day!

So the day has come......we're off!!  Here are some photos of the momentous day.

Although I don't want to leave at all, once you know the move is inevitable you start almost wishing yourself into the new place.  Just to be able to start re-settling, unpacking and getting back into normality.  So I have been half dreading and half looking forward to this day.  I am fairly sure the more positive side of my feelings towards this process may wear off quite quickly!

Pippy had lunch outside in the balmy May weather, the highchair had been packed so the trusty Bugaboo stood in!

Endless supplies of coffee, tea and biscuits kept the removal men happy.

Pippa having one last play in her room, once all the other furniture was out and the delightful Army curtains were back in pride of place!

Once we were all packed we said goodbye to the van and set off.  We stayed overnight in a hotel midway between old house and new house. We had a lovely room and it was big enough for Rufus to really make himself comfortable!

Pip had a nice bath with the complimentary bubblies and we put her to bed in the travel cot provided and trotted off to supper with the baby monitor (on mute) in my bag!

She wailed.  And wailed.  I went back to her and she was all smiles, so I put her back down.  Silence!  For about 30 seconds!  But we decided to leave her to it, just for 10 minutes or so, but we were still on our first G&T when we saw she had dosed off.  Bubby, Eep and Sophie all helped, I'm sure.

Incidentally, on our way into supper and afterwards and the next morning we bumped into Jim Carter, the actor who plays Mr Carson in Downton Abbey.  He was very nice and very unassuming. But we couldn't help but feel like naughty school children shuffling away and giggling.  Must be the butler thing!

The next morning we had a lovely family breakfast in the hotel.  Needless to say we both opted for the Full English.  It's a crime not to, surely!!?

And so off to the new house.  Oh Lord, where to put everything?!! 


 This is the new house from the back, and the view from the front...

Lots of green space everywhere.  Things are looking good!

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