12 May 2013

The tale of the evil egg....

This morning I decided to try Pippa with some scrambled egg for breakfast. She loved it!! ........Apparently her face didn't love it quite so much! Cue swollen, puffy faced baby. 

Poor little one, she was pretty miserable within about 10 minutes in.  Not knowing the best thing to do (and being able to hear that it hadn't affected her breathing at all) I put her down for her nap as usual.  Husband got her up afterwards and she was all smiles and minus any swelling.  Until she projectile vomited, exorcist style, across the hall, from her vantage point over Daddy's shoulder.  Needless to say I think we shall steer clear of eggs for a while! 

Update: We have been told to wait until we move and then book a GP appointment about the evil egg incident in the new place. Apparently every trust's procedure varies quite a lot so there was no point in starting to follow it up here first.  But we should keep her well away from eggs until then, as the second exposure can often be a lot more serious than the first.  Roger that.  Eek!

Another Update: We had an appointment at the hospital allergy clinic on 14th October.  Pippa is certainly allergic to eggs.  But luckily it's relatively mild and is something she will more than likely grow out of by the time she is two.  We're allowed to give her eggs in baking and cooking (oops, already been doing that!), but keep away from any uncooked or only lightly cooked eggs from now.  She is to have another appointment next October.

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