16 May 2013

Our first tastes of Summer.

So the summer arrived!....and then went....then arrived again!!......and has now gone again. Apparently there's even been snow in Cornwall this week.....in May!?  But in the odd spells of glorious weather that we have had I have been able to get the old pram out again. 

I know I posted here that I wasn't yet brave enough to perambulate down the street with it.....well that fear was quashed pronto! I am proud of our big beauty and it certainly proved to be a talking point.  Pippa seems to love sitting up in it so she can see over the sides and take in the view.  I must say that with the pram's oh-so-bouncy suspension it must be a pretty good core strength workout!

I just love it, somehow even if I haven't managed to tick off anything from my to-do list in the day, I still feel like I've been productive if the sun's shining!

We've been having lunch outside, play dates with Rufus outside and visits to friends in her sweeeeet little sunhat. 

In the garden at Claire and Pippa's house (and Keith's house
too, obviously!)

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  1. Wonderful pictures and I really enjoy your blog! Your child looks like they are in luxury with the size of that pram


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