21 Oct 2012

The worlds' worst blogger?!

Ohhhhh dear...I seem to have massively, massively lapsed on the old blogging this last week and a half.  I can only apologise - my multi-tasking, comically inspired and creative juices have obviously dried up!  I appear to not be as great at blogging whilst mummying as I thought I was.  Must try harder.  (We've been starting to get Pippa into a routine over the last 2 weeks - she doesn't always bide by the book and sleeping/waking/feeding times are a tad haywire as a result....I shall blame that!)

Well this last week and a bit has seen quite a few milestones for our little family. I shan't beat about the bush,  but just get straight into it and make up for my poor efforts of late:

Philippa's first experience of cranial osteopathy

We are very lucky that a cousin of mine lives fairly locally and so we get to see quite a bit of her.  Also, we are very lucky that she is a qualified osteopath and after an afternoon of being spoiled with tea and biscuits,  Pip received her first informal cranial osteopathy session. 

Cranial Osteopathy can work real and amazing wonders in babies -  I won't go into detail here but it can really help and cure many fussy, colicy, crying and unhappy babies.  Have a look here if you're interested in learning more (and here for a more 'accessible' aka dumbed down insight!).

I think she enjoyed it.....well, she didn't wake up....which is always a good sign!! We're looking forwards to lots more sessions.

Rufus is free at last

Rufus' period of confinemnt to the house is finally over,  much to his enjoyment and our relief.  Yeyyyy!  No more whining, frustrated and sulky ginger dog following me about the house and staring at me unnervingly.  Poor boy,  it was a tough time for him.  He is now making the most of his walks and has at least 10 minutes of madness (known fondly at home as the wall of death) when let off the lead.  Making up for lost time!!

Husband baked a cake!

Yes.  It's true.  Husband wandered into the sitting room one day where I was feeding Pippa and asked me whether one had to buy whipped cream or if double cream,  which we had in the fridge,  could be whipped.  I replied that the cream in the fridge would be perfect for the job but asked why on earth would he want to know that?  He didn't reply but just wandered back into the kitchen.  Well half an hour later,  after little Pip had guzzled to her hearts' desire,  I went into the kitchen to find Husband finishing off washing up the mixing bowl and the most amazing smell coming from the oven.  He had made a Victoria Sponge.  On his own.  Voluntarily.  I was shocked....and delighted!  

It was delicious.  I am afraid he has now sealed his fate,  as that cake ( in addition to the roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings he did last weekend and a subsequent chocolate fudge cake)  have proved that he can indeed cook and is in fact very good at it.  Bad luck darling....no longer can you fob me off with claims of "can't cook".  We shall soon be instigating a weekly supper night where I get to lie around on the sofa whilst you toil and sweat away over the hob.  Whoop whoop for the modern man!!

Grobags and piling on the pounds

At our last Health Visitor's check in Pippa was weighed in at a very healthy......9lbs9oz!  She just seems so big now.  I can't believe so many babies are born at this weight or larger  (oh how I feel for you poor women....I'm sure I'll get my just deserts and give birth to a 12lb'er next time if it's any consolation!).  

With the new chunky frame we have also made the transition from blankets to the wonders of Grobags.  They're amazing.... no more waking up from having kicked off her blanket in her sleep,  or panicking that she'd somehow managed to wriggle under it or thrown it over her face every time she fell quiet overnight. 

Plus,  she looks so sweet in it!  However,  one negative experience has been when Pampers failed us (very rare,  I do admit)  and I had to deal with an horrendous 'blow-out' inside the Grobag.  Think baby poo (like watered down Coleman's mustard for those still blissfully unaware....honestly,  it's my pleasure to enlighten you) combined with lots of kicking and wriggling in the Grobag.  Nice.  Hope you weren't enjoying supper whilst reading this.  Sorry!

My first art piece since Pippa's arrival

Friends of ours are getting married very soon and very, very sadly for us they are having the big day in Australia.  At one time we had hoped we'd be able to afford the trip out but our finances have let themselves be seen in their true light recently and I'm not convinced any of us would have retained our sanity should we have had to endure two 24 hour plane journeys with a 4 week old baby.  The thought of being 'that family' who get onto the plane with a baby and all the passengers are sitting there desperately thinking...."oh, please God, don't let them sit here....no, not here.....oh please....oh no.....oh crap!"  That day is going to be emotional as I know I have been that passenger many times before!

Anyway,  as a wedding gift and a way of saying sorry for our absence I was very pleased to be able to draw a 'Fingerprint Tree' for them.  The idea is that all the guests then add their fingerprints to the bare branches to create leaves or blossom and can also add their names to their fingerprints.  They make amazing records of who attended and a beautiful keepsake too.  I am seriously thinking of doing one for Pip's christening!

And here is an idea of what a completed one might look like...... 

Philippa's first non-babygrow outfit

Some lovely friends of ours gave Pippa two dresses, one for now and one for later.  I have been told how quickly babies grow and how little you get to use the lovely outfits and dresses you buy or are bought.  I believed it of course,  but just couldn't imagine our Pip growing up.....ever!  Well, I soon realised that the dress intended for now was going to have to be just that.  Now!  She still has a couple of weeks left in it yet I think, but not much more.  So sweet!! Oh, and check out the bunny feet.....they rattle and are just gorgeous!! Thankyou lovely auntie!!

And finally.....and the most monumental of all......Pippa's moved into the nursery!

Yes,  we have made the move!  I surprised myself by being quite emotional about the whole thing,  my little baby all on her own in a room.  Wahhhh!  But she seems completely unaware that anything has changed and probably actually sleeps better without us leaping up to check her at every sleepy snuffle or snort.  I know all the advice these days is to keep them in your room until 6 months old (seriously?!) and I do feel slightly guilty but I think it was time and poor Husband was getting very grizzly as I think he heard all the snuffles far more than I did.  Don't worry,  I don't feel too sorry for him.  He still has a remarkable ability to grunt and roll over and go straight back to sleep each and every time I haul myself out of bed for yet another night feed.  Poor boy.....not!

(I haven't got a picture of her in her cot yet, I will add one soon!)

That is all for now.  I shall post very soon ( I promise!) about our new efforts with getting the little lady into a routine......I will try and think of more explanatory post content than just...."Work In Progress"!

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