26 Jan 2013

The boob room!

It is most definitely a sign of the times and my stage of life when I can say that my favourite place in town is The Boob Room.

Whilst I'm sure it has a more politically correct proper name, there's no sign so I have named it thus. It's a room just off the baby changing area in a department store. You can shut yourself away with the nursing chairs and feed your baby in peace and quiet without the worry of battling with nursing scarves and disapproving glances from old men.

I'm currently sitting in Pret nursing a tub of pea and ham soup. I am very determinedly staring at my phone and avoiding the eagle-eyed glares from the queues of Saturday lunchtime customers, who're seemingly trying to will me to leave my table with their eyes. When you have a pram to contend with, a space in a coffee shop that is big enough to park the baby-mobile without completely blocking the whole thoroughfare is like gold dust. It is mine, I shall not relinquish it until I am good and ready!!

Right, another couple of hours to kill with some wandering and perusing then we'll begin the 2.5m walk home. At least the sun is shining this time!

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