29 Jan 2013

Off for a walk!

Pippa enjoyed a little stroll in her pushchair this morning.....I swapped the pram unit over for the chair unit.  She still fits in the pram and seems happy to stay lying down for a bit yet, but she also seemed to enjoy getting to look around. 

Rufus is off having fun and games shooting with Husband so we were able to pound (slight overstatement) the pavements without battling with Rufus' waining ability to walk at heel.  I need to sort it out as it drives me bonkers....he seems determined to get mown down by the pram wheels. Either that or nearly wipe us all out by darting into a hedge or driveway after an irresistible smell.  Blooming dog!

I know, it's not the most interesting post but I really just wanted an excuse to put this picture up!

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