25 Jan 2013

A life saver...a must buy baby item!

My Snooze Shade.....

Pippa is getting more and more alert and so is finding it harder to sleep in the day when we are out and about.  Enter the SnoozeShade....it's brilliant! Within 10 seconds you can fix it onto the pram and voila...daytime.....nighttime!  It works like a dream, most of the time anyway.  I love it so much that I've bought a car seat version too, it certainly means we can stay portable....as much as I love how good she is at napping in her pram I am keen for her to be able to sleep elsewhere too.  This definitely helps in that mission.  Buy one!! (if you have a baby,  otherwise it would be a bit odd)


  1. This was a life saver for us too!! Your little girl is just gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! I've now got one for the at seat too....just brilliant! Just had a look at your blog, lovely - I shall be following you. At this rate I shall be spending half my life online, blog browsing! X


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