25 Jan 2013

Military wives' choir

One of my lovely neighbours has set up a military wives' choir for our area.  We have had two meetings so far and I think it's going to be amazing fun! 

It's really nice to get a chance to meet some of the other wives and girlfriends from other patches in the town,  I think there's going to be a really good selection of songs suggested......everything from Oklahoma to Emeli Sande it seems..! 

The only negative point so far is that the hall where we have our gatherings is abso-blooming-lutely freeeeezing!  We shall have to work on that one.  I did try fiddling with the thermostat last time but I am slightly concerned I may have inadvertently turned the hall into a furnace for the cleaners the next morning.  Whoops.   

Our choir master is a really lovely old lady (if you ever read this choir lady, I am sorry about the "old" bit!),  but if I am honest I am a little frightened of her! She somewhat resembles Mrs Doubtfire but with a hint of The Trunchable thrown in.  She certainly knows her mind and is pretty wilful with it.  My suggestion to include a glass or two of wine at our meetings (just to help get the vocal chords warmed up,  you know!) was shot down in flames in nanoseconds,  and despite my persistent efforts to rephrase my rationale behind the proposal she stood firm.  It seems this singing malarky is a serious business.  No frivolity allowed.  Pahhh I'll soften her up!! 

Well, we have all been tasked with learning 'On My Own' from Les Miserables for next week.  A perfect excuse to go and see the film I reckon.......

.........and who can go to the cinema without pick 'n mix or popcorn.....bonus!

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