25 Jan 2013

Baby social diary

Pippa's social diary is filling up!

We have started going to Baby Sensory classes, where there's lots of singing, crazy arm waving actions (commonly known as baby signing, but my attempts are definitely confused at best), baby massage and play.

There are rattles, bells, feathers, scarves, mirrors, glowing balls, finger puppets and cuddly toys......so much to do and see (and try to eat in Pippa's case!).  Oh dear, that sounded a bit like an excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey.......wrong, so wrong.

Anyway!.....at one of her classes during this cold weather I spied a couple of the mothers using star wraps for their babies. They looked so cosy and so much easier to get the baby in and out of than a snow-suit (Pippa violently objects to her arms being yanked in), so when I got home I decided I would be frightfully creative and try to make one.

Ta dahhhh....! The prototype needs a bit of adjusting and is a bit big as I made it to fit up to 6 months.  But it's quite sweet all the same.

Today we had Pippa's second swimming lesson.  It is so fun!  The first one was last Friday and involved a 40 minute journey through deep snow (a journey which is normally only 10 minutes). But I was so determined to get there that I dragged my neighbour and her baby out for moral support and off we set!  As a result of the white-out conditions there were only 5 of us in the class so it was nice and quiet.  Pippa seemed to love it, despite the pool being a good 10 degrees colder than her normal bath water, she also got 'dunked'!  I had to say one, two, three and then do an exaggerated big breath in, then dunk her.  She was brilliant and hardly spluttered at all.  Apparently we work towards them being able to swim for a meter or two underwater, ready for a photo opp...daunting but exciting!

This week there were more like 20 of us.  With all of our 20-ish car seats, nappy bags and snow-suits combined with another 20 sets already in the changing room from the previous class, who were yet to get out of the pool, it was a wee bit MANIC!

Public swimming pools put the fear into me, mainly due to the prospect of a swimming costume and the unavoidably awkward hippo impression whilst climbing up and down the ladder into the pool.  Also, why is it that I feel I am in a mad rush when getting changed before and afterwards....it's like I'm racing someone and everyone.  Your towel is damp from the hasty covering up over your cozzy as you got out of the pool and therefore is not doing a very effective job at drying you; you whack your elbows and knees whilst trying to get changed and dried in the loo cubicle (seriously, just be brave and do it in the changing room like everyone else); yanking on skinny jeans or tights over damp skin, unsuccessfully; bra strap rolled up and stuck over your shoulder blades for the same reason, which you just can't reach to straighten out and wet socks despite your best efforts to hop around one-legged avoiding wet patches on the floor.

WELL......regardless of all the above I still love her swimming classes, it's one of the highlights of my week! (Photos to come)

One thing I do know is that Pippa is soooooo sleepy afterwards.....out for the count!

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