29 Jan 2013

Crisis averted!

This afternoon I did a rather stupid thing......I locked myself out.  With Pippa inside.  Bum.

I had meant to just pull the door to behind me,  but then......click! And I had that sinking feeling.  I could see Pippa through the window, sitting in her cushion, sucking her fingers and looking pretty happy, but obviously was slightly panicked nonetheless.  Well, so ensued a mad rush around the garden searching for an open ground-floor window.  Nope.  I found the spare key but, naturally, I had stupidly left the key in the lock on the inside so it wouldn't turn.  

Enter friendly neighbour with a ladder!  Apparently it was an ancient wooden ladder, previously belonging to his father, which had recently been flood damaged together with the rest of the contents of their garage (oh the delights of Army accommodation!) and so its reliability and safety were at best questionable.  Anyway, it served us very well as my neighbour successfully broke in through an ajar upstairs window! (Needless to say, for any would-be burglars, if we go out ALL our windows are securely locked and our spare key is now in the safe hands of our neighbour).

Well,  Pippy was obviously very distraught about the whole affair as, when I got back in,  this is how I found her.....

Stupid Mummy.  Lesson learnt!

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