25 Jan 2013

So sad to say goodbye to the snow....

So, we have been loving the snow! I can appreciate it must have been pretty inconvenient for a lot of people, but for those of us with nowhere to be (in any rush at least) it is pretty fun.  In fact I am a bit like an overexcited child about snow....waking up and rushing to the curtains to see if it has snowed in the night still proves to be soooo exciting! 

Rufus loves it too......

We had lots of snowball fights during Pippa's lunchtime naps.  He's pretty good at catching them but obviously got a cold mouth as he kept gnashing his teeth after he spat each one out! One downside of the snow....the big patch of grass at the end of our road where we let Rufus run about and do his morning 'business' (as do all the other resident doggies) certainly took on a new, colourful hue......don't eat the yellow (or brown) snow!!!

We decided to use our snowy walks as the first outings for Pippa to go forward-facing in the Baby Bjorn.  Hardly news-worthy stuff, I know, but it still made for some really sweet pictures.  It was odd not being able to see her face but I kept taking photos and using the camera on my phone to see if she was still awake and not frostbitten! 

And the snow also meant I could dress Pippa up in a sheepskin gilet I wore when I was little. Admittedly I think it is meant for a 2 year old but she looked sooooo adorable I couldn't resist.  Together with her oh-so-smart cashmere hat she looked quite the fashionista!

More posts on the way.....

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