29 Jan 2013

A happy moment...now feeling fat, but happy!

JUST what is required on a drizzly day!  

Contrary to the above, my fellow lovely Army-wife neighbours and I have decided to start up a  'fat club' !  Lent is fast approaching and so it is as good a time as any to try and start shifting the rest of this baby weight.  In addition to generally trying to be a bit healthier and more active, I'd also like to give something up for Lent.  I am yet to decide what I shall give up......crisps, chocolate, cake, or what about all forms of sugary and fatty food?....no, you're right, that's just one step too far!  We're going to meet up once a week and do the whole weigh-in together....like our very own episodes of "Biggest Loser".  Yup, we shall shame ourselves into dropping the pounds, but I think we may skip the hideous two-part lycra outfits.

We're yet to work out a reward/penalty scheme for our venture, our one sticking point we discovered last night was that most of the rewards we could think of unsurprisingly involved food......hmmmmm. 

I am determined I SHALL find some massive, previously untapped, well of self control and will power. I'm sure I have some somewhere?

Let the games begin!  It's gonna get competitive!  

Regardless, I shall enjoy this moment for now and slowly mentally process my impending fat-fighting mission.

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