4 Feb 2013

An insight into the army life

So this morning Husband flew off to Scotland for the week, leaving Rufus, Pippa and me all on our lonesome.  Booo! 

But have no fear, in the grand scheme of things 'tis but a mere drop in the ocean: I have endured far longer separations in the past and survived.  Also, as I write, I have wonderful friends and neighbours who are currently enduring either the horrendousness of having their husbands away in that nasty sandy place for 6 months to a year, or the almost-as-horrendous lead-up to deployment.  

When you're in such a situation, all your emotions are heightened and your tolerance levels with the mundane and every day diminish somewhat. I know that all spouses or partners of military folk will agree with me on this one.......there is nothing more annoying than having someone moan about how their darling one is away for a night, or god forbid, a whole week.  Get.  Over.  It!  

Going through months and months without your husband or wife is one of the most challenging things you'll ever have to do and I can only now imagine how awful that must be with a child or children thrown into the mix too. 

All pictures c/o Brittany Sturgeon's
'Life of a Military Wife' on Pinterest

However the heartache of an imminent departure is probably often underestimated for those who haven't experienced it.  In some ways the apprehension and build-up of dread in the weeks before they head off is just as bad as whilst they're actually away.  I am sure I wouldn't be the only one to admit that I have breathed a rather large sigh of relief in the past when Husband has finally gone - no longer can I moronically cling onto some vague hope that he won't actually have to go in the end and no longer will I fool myself into thinking I can guilt-trip or bribe him into staying.  I just have to man up, get on with life and start finding my new routine and coping mechanisms (after the obligatory hysterical wailing to yourself in the car on the way home from the hideous army airport, that is). Those first couple of weeks are crap.  No other words will do it and my heart goes out to all of you who have been there too or are going through that soon.  This one is for you.

Anyway, the reason why this was relevant was because up until about 2 weeks ago we thought that Husband was due to go off to the aforementioned sandy place too, leaving in May.  But, praise the Lord, he won't be going now.  However, we do now know that we shall be moving house at the end of May.  I knew that I was signing up to a nomadic and transient lifestyle when we married, and in many ways I find the prospect of living in lots of different places exciting.  But I can't help dreading this move, we have made such incredible friends and I do really love the area.  But, hey ho, it is what it is....I shall just have to get excited about getting to know the new area and neighbours and of course, my favourite bit, finding new homes for all our belongings! 

Although, there is one girl out there (you know who you are!) who is three days overdue with her first baby and has just found out that her and her husband are being re-posted to a new house in 6 weeks.....wahh!  Now, that's a lot of excitement in a few short weeks! 

Until May there's lots of army fun to be had....our Military Wives Choir, drinks parties, dinner parties, street parties, mess dinners, coffee mornings and new babies arriving on the street.  It all balances out in the end. 


  1. Beautifully written Lovely Lulu...
    I have such admiration for all the ladies ( and gentleman) in your position.
    X x x

    1. Thankyou Lulu, just got to keep movin' on up! xxx


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