21 Feb 2013

And so it begins...nom, nom, nom!

I have realised that Philippa has been showing quite a lot of interest in my coffee cups and food recently.  I remember hearing friends saying that their babies starting grabbing for their mugs or following every mouthful of food from plate to mouth with their eyes, but Pippa didn't seem that interested (and was also nearly always asleep when I was eating - my mealtimes mostly coincide with her nap-times).  However, one day in a coffee shop she really tried to grab my coffee cup and pulled it straight to her mouth.  Now, this could well be just another example of absolutely everything going into her mouth (I think she may be on the fringes of teething, but shall write more about that soon), but it did really look like she knew full well what should be done with that mug!!

The next morning I was having a banana for breakfast and she was staring at it with her arms stretched out.  So I decided to give her a taste........

Well she grabbed it and started chewing away instantly......there were a couple of funny faces at first but she loved it and protested quite a lot when I took it off her. 

I think this may be a sign that she's ready for solids?!

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