15 Feb 2013

I've got that "day-after-the-night-before" feeling....

Well we had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday.  I guess, technically it was just Valentines evening as Husband was obviously at work until 6pm.  But I had a nice day with Rufus and Pippa beforehand....there was a very muddy walk in the park, a large amount of biscuits with several cups of tea and then catching up with some lovely neighbours in the afternoon.  Frightfully civilised and leisurely!

Anyway, back to Valentine's day.  We had both agreed in advance not to bother with presents or flowers as,  a) There's nothing that Husband wants which isn't in the 3-figures bracket, £-wise,  b) As I have very little of my own money I'd technically be buying him a present from his own wages and c) We were both just feeling lazy!  

With our darling Philippa upstairs and snoozing by 7pm our options to go out for supper at a restaurant were limited, but we did push the boat out and splashed out on an M&S Valentines Dine in for Two for £20. Wahooo, oh the high life!!

These offers are normally Dine in for £10, so I was a little sceptical that they had just doubled the price purely because it was Valentine's Day, but you got a starter, main course, side dish, pudding, bottle of wine and a box of chocolates....a pretty good deal I think.  And very nice it was too! 

Well....the wine was very nice and so were the three....yes, THREE glasses of Amarula I had afterwards on the sofa.  We had Amarula (a kind of Bailey's-type liqueur) on our honeymoon every evening as a 'sundowner' on the safari drives, so it seemed the perfect way to finish off Valentine's day.  I was by no means drunk but certainly more tipsy than I have been since getting pregnant. Which is now well over a year ago....crazy thought!  

My poor body had forgotten what alcohol is and I am paying for it today.  Ugh. Oh well, we have swimming to look forward to this afternoon, yey!  I just pray that Pippa doesn't choose the half an hour we're in the pool to relieve herself of 8 day's worth of poo.  I think I shall vomit, cry and have hysterics all at once if that happens.  Ohhhhh it doesn't even bear thinking about. 

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  1. Hello Lovlely Lulu,
    I had a good chuckle reading this post and hope that the swimming went ok in the end!
    I was nominated for the Liebster Award last week, it's to help grow the network of small/new bloggers! I really enjoyed doing it so have nominated you too!
    Have a look at my latest post and you will see all the info there:)
    Lots of Love
    Lulu x


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