10 Feb 2013

The challenge is on!

So recently I blogged about starting to get a bit fitter and shed some baby-weight.  Well, one of my favourite bloggers, Ruth, at A Model Recommends had uploaded a post on exercise and fitness tips.  In it she talked about getting a pedometer as it helped her to keep track of how active she was each day.  I think this is a great idea, as just being more active and walking more, is such a good way of getting more fit.  It doesn't always have to be about doing a massive work-out and is certainly less daunting and easier to fit in.  If nothing else, I find that if I have been active enough in a day I am less inclined to go and scoff rubbish or crave a filthy take away in the evening (not that we have these much really).

So I have bought one!  The advice is to aim for 10,000 steps a day (sounds A LOT to me!).  On Friday I did just under 18,000 steps!! On Fridays we have Philippa's 'swimming' class, it's about 3.5 miles from home and I drove to the first couple of classes, but whilst Husband and Rufus were away at the end of January I decided to walk there and back.  I really enjoy it and I congratulate  myself on my efforts with a coffee and cake after the class with the other girls. Only problem is that I keep enjoying the coffee and cake bit too much and end up walking home in the dark! 

Yesterday I only did 2,000 steps and today 3,000....not so great!  It makes you think of how you can fit in more steps and excuses to get walking...I could get competitive about this!!

Ruth's other recommendation was a home fitness DVD called '30 Day Shred Workout' by one of The Biggest Loser USA's trainers Jillian Michaels.  On the opposite end of the spectrum from the pedometer this is a 20 minute intense workout.  There are 3 phases, each getting more challenging, with the idea that you spend about 10 days on each.  Each daily workout session works on a 3-2-1 program, that being: 3 minutes cardio, 2 minutes strength and 1 minute abs...repeated 3 times with different combinations of exercises on each cycle.

Well, I've done two days so far....and it's hard work, you're not allowed a breather so it's pretty relentless.  But you're never doing one move or action for longer than a minute so it doesn't get boring and Jillian's surprisingly un-annoying! Also, I love that I can do the workout, have a shower, get dressed and hair/makeup done all in under an hour.  Pippa seems to be rather amused by the whole thing from her rather unfortunate angle on her playmat.  I just have to remember one key thing when doing these workouts..........

Keep.  The.  Curtains.  Closed!!  

I don't think I could leave the house again if anyone ever spied me in my red, blobby state of wheezy disgustingness at that hour in the morning. 

I shall keep you updated on my progress......I can hardly walk today and going downstairs is rather emotional so it's definitely doing something!

Anyone want to join me in my challenge? 

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