5 Feb 2013

An effort to get back on the wagon

Recently (I lie, pretty much since Pippa was about 4 weeks old, actually) my approach to a healthy diet has been shocking.  Breastfeeding seems to give me the worst sweet tooth and constant cravings for sugary and crappy foods.  Maybe my sugar craze only feels so significant now because I went off a lot of sweet things during pregnancy and so the contrast is more marked.  I can't say, but admittedly, whatever the cause, it's definitely being buoyed along by being able to drag out the breastfeeding excuse / justification at every possibly opportunity!

Well enough is enough!  I am still about 1 stone heavier than I was when I got pregnant and I know for a fact that that poundage could be long gone if I'd put more of an effort into being sensible over the past few weeks.  I still find it utterly repulsive to think that I reached the blubbery heights of 14 stone 10 the day I went into labour with Pippa.  Sheesh! Worst of all, I know that at least 1.5 stones of that was from my guzzling during the 1st trimester, when you don't have any reason to put any weight on. But at the time I did not care.  Not one bit. For the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, whilst I was eating (anything unhealthy, I wasn't fussy) or sleeping were the only times I didn't feel as if I was going to be violently sick.  Anyone who's been in that situation will know what levels you'll go to to just get rid of that feeling, even if it only lasts for the 10 minutes it takes to eat that toasted sandwich. Oh to have been one of those girls who couldn't bring themselves to eat because of morning sickness.....I envy you! I was ill if I didn't eat for an hour. Ugh!

Christ!! There's a whale in the garden!!!

For me, healthy eating, making the effort to exercise and refraining from the delights of crappy food is a full-time job.  It does not come naturally and nor do I find it remotely easy (hence the fact that I am a fatty!).  And so in order to really make an effort with a healthier lifestyle I need to have nothing which might distract me, unnecessarily put temptation in my way or demand too much of me.  Well.......being a first-time mother, having a new screaming bundle wholly dependent on you, feeling drained and needing a sugar rush  and having to attend numerous coffee (and cake) catch-ups kinda scuppers my plan!

I feel as if it's only really been since Christmas that I have truly relaxed and become at ease with motherhood.  Of course I have loved every second of it since day one and have never really felt stressed or worried, but I did feel like I was being stretched a bit too thin if I tried to give my concentration to something else as well as Pippa (for example, before Christmas when I was trying to get lots of artwork done). So...it is only really now that I feel I can take motherhood in my stride enough to be able to dedicate some more of my time back to me! 

Whilst Husband was away recently he had taken the car with him and so if I needed to get anywhere I had to walk (we are a one-car family). So over the past couple of weeks I must have done the 4mile return walk into town about 6 or 7 times....walking into town seems like my immediate go-to if I am bored or with no specific purpose for the day!  Husband had also taken Rufus with him and so I had no added guilt of being out and about without him.  I really enjoyed it and liked being able to get a little out of breath marching along with the pram, without having to really class it as a workout (and therefore avoidable at any cost!).  

Anyway these walks have got me back into the right frame of mind and my eating is back on track. Most mornings I'm having either a smoothie similar to the ones we were having whilst I was pregnant and for the first couple of weeks once Pippa arrived or porridge. Lunch is usually something similar to these caprese wraps / pittas or soup. 

I really would love to get back into running, as I got so hooked on it before I got pregnant, but I think right now it is taking all my determination just to do what I'm doing and throwing in a concerted effort to go and exercise for exercise's sake will be one step too far (especially if I have to give something(s) up for Lent)!

So for now I'm going to keep up with having a more consciencious attitutide towards my diet and just keep as active as I can. It may take a while to get back to where I'd like to be, but I've had my fair share of quick weight loss plans in the past and I can say from experience that they are not for me!  There's no real rush either, I figure it took 9 months to get to that "state" so I shall allow 9 months to get it off.  However I would like to be back at my pre pregnancy weight (or below, ideally) before the next pregnancy, so I can't take too long about it. Lord, that's rather alarming to think of the next pregnancy when I feel like I am only just starting to feel non-pregnant now!


  1. Your lunches look identical to mine currently! Avocado is so delicious! You can do it, just keep your mind set and motivation high!

    1. Thanks Steffi, I shall try! Oh and I read your post today.....I craved ice lollies too, and ice. I still munch on ice cubes now, i'm obsessed. Weird!! x


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