21 Feb 2013

Roll, baby, roll!!

Today Philippa rolled on her own for the first time! 

She's learnt to roll from her front to her back so my days of administering enforced tummy time are over.  There've been a couple of weeks of Husband and I giving her the odd nudge to help her over but she's always got stuck trying to get over her bottom-most elbow.  Well, she was happily playing on her tummy, on her playmat, whilst we were having a cuppa and suddenly we realised she was no longer on her tummy but on her back, smiling away, so I'm sorry Pippy, we in fact missed your very first solo effort!  

She thinks rolling over is the best trick ever now, as every time she managed it before (with help) we cheered and clapped, so now she grins whenever she rolls over, expecting lots of smiles and applause.

What a clever girlie....another milestone reached!  What next....sitting up?!  That might be a challenge when you have Rufus wanting to cuddle up at every opportunity!

Now to try and persuade her to love her Bumbo.....she's happy for 5 minutes or so and then tries to fling herself backwards.  Oh well, let's make the most of our relatively immobile baby....before we know it she'll be crawling and then life will get considerably more hectic!

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