6 Feb 2013

So tragic...

I shall keep this short but sweet.  In fact I am afraid it'll be short and pretty damn tragic.

This evening I read about a fellow blogging mummy's horrendous, awful experience of losing her baby to cot death a couple of nights ago.  I simply cannot imagine her family's agony.  I think once you have had your own child those imaginings or thoughts become firmly locked behind a sealed door in your mind.  To access them would be to invite in the most evil of nightmares.  To begin to try and comprehend the impact such a tragedy would have just doesn't bear thinking about.  I actually can't make myself start to comprehend it,  I get so far and wham, the door comes down.  A kind of self-preservation I guess.  I have dealt with my fair share of loss in my life,  but to think of losing Pippa just doesn't compute.  I write this in tears, a state I've been in since reading poor Jennie's post about an hour or so ago.

As much as it pains me to think of such an awful thing happening, tonight I must.  I shall think of that poor darling baby and her family.  My prayers go out to you and I shall be thinking of you.

Suffice to say Pippa will be getting an extra big hug tonight at her dream feed. Now and every night.  

Here's Jennies blog post.  Please, do bear in mind that you will sob.....a lot....so pick your moment to read it.  If you have a baby or a child you will find it pretty bloody difficult to read, so if you're alone or feeling delicate, maybe just don't.

Right, I'm off to cuddle my darling.  Tonight the baby monitor will be turned up to full volume so I can hear every snuffle.  Oh Lord, life is cruel.

For some reason on my computer Jennie's site gets flagged up as suspicious....it's fine, just press ignore on the warnings.

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