12 Sep 2012

Time to test those theories....

So I am now 40+2... that's 40 weeks (plus 2 days) pregnant for those not down with the preggers lingo.  

I am officially OVERDUE!!!

Until Monday (my due date) I was ridiculously relaxed and laid back about the arrival time of this little one.  However, now I find myself suddenly rather impatient...I just want to meet him / her!  So I have been doing my research and have begun my efforts to naturally induce labour in earnest.  

A few days ago I had a mouth-burningly hot curry and I also ate a whole pineapple......

I bought some raspberry leaf tea and have been drinking it religiously and with vigour.......

I have bought some Clary Sage Oil and (together with a lovely candle and bath oil I was given at my "non-baby-shower tea party") I have had the most luxurious baths every evening.....  

And Rufus and I have been marching about the countryside (ok, maybe more like waddling) every day....

........but, as yet, none of these have had their desired effect (except for feeling like a layer of skin had been stripped from the inside of my mouth after eating the pineapple!).

However....I did have a second night of pretty intense contractions on Monday night.  Again, they started at 3 minutes apart from the outset and lasted for about 5 hours.  But again,  I managed to get to bed at 5am, as by then they had reduced to 7 - 8 minutes apart,  only to wake up at 6am to peaceful nothingness!  

I'm therefore fairly sure that, whilst some of these and other methods may well encourage contractions, the baby will actually only come when it is ready, and not before.  Unless it is forcibly removed at the hospital of course...!

I have also been given some excellent advice from a friend who has suggested that any method to induce labour is pretty likely to result in extra strong and therefore even more painful contractions, if and when it works.  I had heard as much in reference to formal inductions (in hospital, drug-induced) but hadn't really considered that the more 'natural' induction theories could have the same impact.  After Saturday and Monday nights' experiences I think I shall try and avoid that impact, if possible!

From now on,  other than aiming to stay as upright and active as possible,  I will just try to relax and let the baby decide when it is going to arrive.  It has until the 22nd to make that decision on its' own....at that point we shall have to check into the labour ward and both be at the mercy of the drugs & 'intervention procedures'!

We shall see what tomorrow brings - I have a full day of cleaning scheduled in  (I seem to be a slightly reluctant, or maybe just lazy, nester!) and another dog walk.  I must convince this baby that staying in for longer isn't necessarily the most comfortable option.  


  1. Apparently driving around a furrowed field in a rickety Land Rover Defender has been known to do the trick!

    1. Haha! Maybe I shall give that one a try, just need to find someone with a Defender we can borrow! x


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