4 Sep 2012

Embrace the camera!

Today I stumbled across a really brilliant post on Emily Anderson's blog The Anderson Crew - she started something called 'Embrace the camera', where she endeavours to get in front of the camera herself - whether it be with one or more of her children, her husband or a friend - and post it on her blog every Thursday.  

She started this as a result of one day struggling to find a photo of her and her mother together whilst she was growing up.  Emily points out how important it is for these photos to exist and for there to be an abundance of them.  You can always wheedle through an excess of photos later in life; you can't go back in time and take more!

As some of you may know I lost my own mother a few years ago.  Whilst she was amazing at documenting my childhood, there being plenty of photos of me growing up, she was never very keen on the camera being turned on herself.   As a consequence I too have very few photos of the two of us together, or at least, fewer than I would like.  

Needless to say, the opportunity to take more no longer exists.  

I don't blame my mother in the slightest for the relative lack of photos of her - I have almost certainly inherited her self-conscious and self-critical nature - I too have 100's of photos of friends and family, yet the ones I feature in are mercilessly edited down and few make the cut!  It is because of this that I want to make absolutely certain that our children are never left with a dearth of photos of their mother or parents / family together, regardless of how horrendous I may think I look at the time; whether I think that angle just really isn't doing me any favours or whether I happen to be dressed like a trampish banshee!

So I shall be joining Emily's mission and ensuring that I get in front of a camera at least once a week and posting it back on here and onto her blog.  The thought of planning to take my own photo routinely makes me feel rather egocentric and also a bit ill.  I shall do it though!  

Join me....perhaps I shall feel less ridiculous if I know I have fellow self-snappers out there.  Oh, and if you know me then be prepared to feature in said photos...I shall be avoiding featuring solo at all costs!!

Stupid self-photo of me - to illustrate my point!

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