7 Sep 2012

Should I be worried?!

.......that my first ever Embrace the Camera upload is a day late?  I like to think of myself as relatively organised and that such a trait is going to be invaluable once the 'little one' is here.  But.... as it turns out I don't have that trait.  It is very clearly Friday today and I was supposed to do this yesterday, it's all going wrong....I shall surely drown in a pile of dirty nappies and missed appointments?

If you read my earlier post, here, you will know I spent the vast majority of the day yesterday in the kitchen, slowly getting frazzled and swelling up like a balloon. Soooo I didn't really get the opportunity to take a picture of any interest, and if I'm honest - I did also forget!  

But here is one I took later that evening in the nursery.  I am holding a pair of adorable bunny booties my cousin gave me.  I was re-organising the baby's wardrobe (again!) and couldn't resist getting them out.  Putting all the tiny vests, babygrows, hats and knitted socks in their drawers makes it all seem so real that they will soon have an owner.  Wahhhhhhh!!!  So excited!! 

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