3 Sep 2012

One week to go....think we're ready?!

So I think the nursery is finally ready for the arrival of 'bump'!

We didn't have a 'theme' in mind as such, partly due to the fact that if we were to permanently decorate the nursery in any way (ie. paint it) the army would make us revert it back to beautiful magnolia again before we leave.  So we've been limited to accessorising like mad instead.  This actually suits us better as neither of us are too keen on any big areas of bright, lurid colours and of course, it needs to be 'gender neutral' too (ugh, hate that phrase!).

On one of rather too many Ikea trips this pregnancy I spotted a lampshade I loved;  it is a sort of Scandinavian crewelwork design on a white background.  Ikea used to stock the whole range...rugs, curtains, lampshades and bed linen, but now it appears they only do the lampshades.So began a frantic internet search for any matching items....plenty to be found in the Japanese Ikea stores, but this wasn't tonnes of use to us!  Eventually, I found a pair of cushion covers on eBay and decided I had to have them....naturally, I missed the end of the listing and so someone else got them.  I was surprised at how much they went for;  it's obviously a popular range, especially as it's now defunct.  But lo and behold another pair appeared on eBay a couple of weeks later.  I won the auction - success!  I ended up bidding rather more than initially intended (and probably more than their original value too!).

Here's how they look in situ.....at present I am ignoring the fact that the nursing chair is actually more comfortable without the cushion and the other cushion won't be able to stay in the cot once the baby's in it, they look good and therefore are staying.  For now, at least!!

I then picked a colour out from the crewelwork pattern and found a matching sage green material with a dotty design, which I used to reupholster a childs' chair I had myself when little and cover the glass panes in a wardrobe door.  I also found a black-out roller blind which matched the material.  That's pretty much it for accessories....everything else is fairly neutral.



  1. Um... your little nursery looks sooo stinkin' ADORABLE! I kind of want to curl up in that little crib and go to sleep myself :)
    How much fun to prepare for your little blessing!
    One more week, fingers crossed, little baby won't be late :)

    1. Thanks Ash! All getting very exciting, thankyou for your thoughts. I hope he/she arrives before long, I'm starting to get impatient!
      Lulu x


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