19 Sep 2012

A case of tmi....

Today has been another gloriously sunny day here,  really beautiful weather, so Rufus has had two nice walks today.  One with a lovely neighbour and her dogs (one of which is Rufus' favourite girlfriend) and the second in the afternoon with Husband, as he managed to get home from work early.

Now, the beautiful sunny weather wasn't the only reason for extra walking today.  I had a home visit from my midwife.  In the majority of cases,  once you're officially overdue,  you are offered three visits (or appointments in the hospital if you'd rather) leading up to D-Day:  it's the first stage of 'getting things moving'.  As most of you know,  I am due to go into hospital on Saturday evening to get the baby evicted (commonly referred to as an induction),  so my three visits were scheduled for today, tomorrow and Friday. 

I have a slight dilemma over blogging about these 'visits' as I am fairly confident that the majority of you won't want to know any details whatsoever, and to be honest, I don't think I particularly wish to divulge much of what went on either!  But any lovely ladies reading this who have been, or are currently, pregnant and any dutiful other-halves who have diligently read a baby / pregnancy book (either of their own accord - and I am guessing that these are a rare breed indeed - or through emotional blackmail / for an easy life) will have some inkling of what I am referring to.  

It is basically a procedure to encourage your body to get into labour itself, thus negating the need to be induced in hospital.  And it is often thought that a labour which has started without medication or too much intervention is likely to be less intense and painful than one which has been 'kick-started' by drugs.  For those of you who still don't have a clue what I'm talking about, just click here.  But you've been warned...and for those of you who I know personally,  please don't look at me in an odd or pitying way when I next see you.  Whilst it may sound like I've been intimately violated....through choice....it really is quite a common thing to have done and anything's worth a shot if you want to avoid all the extra prodding, injections and indignity associated with inductions.......if it works!

Aaaaanyway,  I'm sorry,  I know this is a very waffley post (and yes, I'm also aware that this is not a word) - I shall get to the point.  Suffice to say it wasn't the most pleasurable mornings of my life,  but my midwife is truly lovely and made it as bearable as possible.  No signs of any effects as yet,  but I still have tomorrow and Friday's 'visits' to come.  Fingers crossed! 

My midwife advised me to do as much walking,  bouncing on my pezzi ball, and walking up & down stairs sideways  (have you ever tried to do this?  I am obviously far too mal-coordinated) as possible to make things "favourable" for the remaining 'visits'.  So, that is also why I dragged Husband out on a walk as soon as he got in.  And I haven't left my Pezzi ball since getting back, either! 

Oh the joys of being overdue.  All senses of dignity, decency and perceptions of TMI go flying out of the window in the pursuit of persuading the little person to exit the building.  Apologies!

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