16 Sep 2012

Operation pram clean-up!

We have had this beautiful pram in the family at least since the late 1940's and has been much used and loved by the last two generations.  However, it has more recently been residing in rather unstately surroundings in either my father's or our own garage.

So I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and drag it out for a good old 'Spring Clean'.  It's still in really good condition considering its age but could probably do with a re-paint at some point. 

It certainly looks a lot smarter post scrub-up anyway......now, to complete the image, we just need a Georgian town house in some fashionable corner of London and access to a poplar-lined park in which to wheel it about in sedate splendour.  Let's work on that one!  For now, our little Army cul-de-sac of identical '50s abodes shall have to do - each 'turn' of the street will probably take just 5 minutes, but if I venture any further with the navy beast I think I may get some odd looks...in any case, the main road into town with its 60mph traffic is hardly a fitting or enjoyable backdrop!

I am so excited at the prospect of a little one being in it soon (and probably looking rather lost, as the pram's so big!),  if the weather remains kind then we should be able to have a few days yet of parking the pram at the bottom of the garden, under the trees, for the baby's naps - as I did when a baby, along with most of the last 3 generations of my family!  

I look forward to being able to share a picture of it with its' rightful occupant before too long..... !!


  1. Hello what wonderful news to hear you are nearly ready to pop,remember the last few weeks/ days seeming to take for ever!now my baby( beau)is already 6 month and wishing she would stop growing!the pram is beautiful I to spring cleaned our old pram well worth it for the pleasure of see little one in it all neat and tidy how ever practicality of putting in the car is a defo no go!!Alice day just had a baby girl to on the 9 th of September when is you little one due?glad to see you look so well look forward to reading a blog about you and you new baby hang on in there!x

  2. By the way the way above is Emma cobb can't do technology so had to be anonymous!

    1. Emma! I am Facebooking you right now! x


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