7 Sep 2012

Cooking up a storm!

So, a while ago a lovely neighbour of mine gave me some wonderful advice - to cook up some freezable meals in advance, so that the stress of deciding what to cook (and actually cooking!) in the first few weeks is taken care of.  

Yesterday I decided that I would do just that - be wonderfully prepared and organisation personified by cooking lasagne, bolognese, sausage casserole and chicken curry. However, I think the smarter plan would've been to do one or maybe two of these and then the others on another day....as it was, I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen.  The result? Cankles the size of tree trunks, aching legs and a foul mood!

Oh well, it was still very satisfying and seeing my little leaning towers of sustenance waiting to be allocated their designated spots in the freezer made it all worth it.  Especially once I'd heaved myself into the bath afterwards and read a few chapters of my book whilst soaking.....bliss! 

Another result of my cooking marathon was my lack of opportunity to stage any sort of interesting photo for my Embrace the Camera project, as mentioned here.  But I did it in the end, even if it meant resorting to good old black & white in order to lessen the 'tired hag' effect.  I'm obviously not quite as super organised as I'd like though, as it is clearly Friday today and I have therefore missed my Thursday deadline.....in my very first week of signing up.  Way to go!  

But I am hoping, fingers crossed, that I shall have plenty of photo op's by next week....!?

Here's hoping..!

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