12 Sep 2012


Yeyyy, the day has come!!  (Well, come and gone actually....on Monday....I've been a little lax!) 

I had my 40 week midwife's appointment at the Birth Centre where I shall be having the baby (hopefully, unless I end up being induced, in which case I'll be in the labour ward) and it's all good news - the baby's head is engaged. Whoop!  But, otherwise, no progress so far.

Husband and I thought we had to mark the day somehow so we went out for a lovely meal at a local gastro-pub.  A white wine spritzer went down very nicely too thankyou!  I figured the baby is well and truly cooked now so it can't do too much harm?!

(Uploading these photos makes me realise how my hamster-cheeks have grown in the last few weeks.  I shall blame it on the water retention....nothing whatsoever to do with my burgeoning appetite for chocolate of late). 

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