17 Sep 2012

41 weeks and....

.......no show!!

This morning we went for my 41 week appointment.  All is well and the baby seems very happy - engaged and all set to go,  but obviously too happy just where he or she is right now!  

The midwife said she had no trouble whatsoever telling which way the baby was lying without even laying a finger on me.  I can see why!  I just took a photo which I think emphasises the point....it is ridiculous!!  Sometimes when I look down it looks so lopsided that I am surprised I'm not leaning to the right permanently.  Maybe I am.  It would certainly explain a lot of the looks I attract in public....... less "wow, she looks like she's ready to pop" and more "wow, she is seriously wonky, how is she not falling over?".

I tried to convince the midwife to make a guess at how big she thinks the baby will be, but no joy.  What do you think?!

Yesterday I had another 6-7 hours of contractions from 3.30pm to mid-Downton Abbey time.  Blimey, they were painful and consistent little so-and-so's,  coming about every 3-5 minutes right up until the last half an hour, when they slowed down to every 8-10 minutes apart.  I called the Birth Centre to ask what they thought I should do and I also told them about the last two episodes I'd had last week,  both of which finished after 6 hours.   A really lovely midwife advised me to try and wait it out at home for a little longer,  as long as I was coping with the pain OK (which I was) and perhaps just see if they start to fade out again.  Which, of course, they did.  So no trips to the hospital on a Sunday evening for us.  

I think Husband found the whole thing a bit daunting and felt a bit redundant (although he actually wasn't at all and did help massively,  by running me lovely baths and giving me back massages and just generally being brilliant!).  He also spent the first couple of hours of my contractions gardening, hoovering and tidying....properly nesting in anticipation of having a precious bundle with us when we next came home!!  I think he was also rather looking forward to the excitement of packing the car with my bags and gathering all the required bits and bobs together.  Oh well,  it may happen yet!

Well,  this little (or maybe not so little?) one has another 6 days to make an appearance of his or her own accord,  otherwise an eviction notice shall be served and we shall have to check in to Hotel Induction.  Complete with luxury hospital bed; a wooden chair for Husband to while away the hours on; a view of the car park and; complementary entertainment system (ie. the other 5 women in the bay, all in various stages of labour, behind their respective not-so-sound-proof curtains).   Eek! 

At least it'll mean we can do all the packing and getting to the hospital in a relaxed and organised manner.....maybe we can also have another 'last supper'?!  Yey!

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