21 Nov 2012

Two months old and more milestones!

I can't believe it.....Philippa was 2 months old yesterday!!

Here are some pictures I've taken on the 20th of each month and will continue to take...look how much she's grown!!


Other milestones she has reached......

She has started sucking her hands a lot and I think is just starting to notice them too.  She looks rather startled and then very pleased with herself when one waves in front of her face!  She hasn't yet quite worked out that they belong to her and that she is in fact in control of them.

She has been smiling for a while now and getting very good at it too!  She is especially smiley when she has just woken up....I have to get her to really concentrate to feed sometimes, she's just too busy grinning!! But beyond this she has now started to experiment with laughing.  We haven't had the first proper laugh yet but some smiles are accompanied with breathy hyperventilation and the odd squeak.....whatever they are they're very sweet!

She is now properly following faces and sounds.  If I come into the room and speak to her she turns her head to look for me......very flattering!

One bad milestone (for me, anyway)....she is out of newborn sized clothes.  Booooo....my little Pipsqueak is getting big!  Here's the most gorgeous cardigan my aunt knitted for her (one of many the lucky little girl has been knitted by family!)....I think she will pop out of it before very long at all.

She had her first church outing the weekend before last for Remembrance Sunday.  I have to admit I was rather nervous that she would scream her way through it,  but apart from a huge watery burp during the two minute silence the first two thirds of the service went very well!  She did start getting grumbly after that but thankfully I was able to take her into an ante-room where she then fell asleep!

One milestone which is imminent but not yet actually reached.....Pippa has her first injections tomorrow morning.  Wahhhh, I'm not sure who will cry more.  I shall let you know! And another imminent milestone is her Christening on Sunday.  We are lucky enough to have a very old family Christening gown which, thankfully, she is going to fit into after a rather tense moment trying it on.  Of course, back then Christenings were carried out pretty quickly after a baby was born so the gowns were invariably very small.  They also had bonnets...I couldn't resist trying one on her although I doubt she shall be wearing it on the day.

Finally the big two...........She has been sleeping through the night for a whole week!!!  After the late night feed, split between 10pm / 11pm, she then sleeps all the way through until I wake her at 7am.  Just amazing, I am so proud and thankful all at the same time!

........AND she is now in her big cot.  Without the moses basket.  Just little Pip looking very small and lost floating in the middle of the mattress!  Blissfully, she seems remarkably unaware of any change.  If anything she sleeps better as she's now unable to wiggle her way to the left-hand wall of her basket and snuffle up against it.  She did this within minutes of being put in her basket,  so funny!

And a picture I just couldn't resist including.  It was on the evening of our local fireworks display,  getting rugged up ready to head out.  She obviously reaaaally wanted to take that muslin out with her!

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