17 Dec 2012

My first EVER exhibition!

So this is the reason I started to get behind on my blogging!

A fellow military-wife friend had organised a fair for other military wives to attend and also to exhibit / have a stall at (she is also heavily pregnant...wonderwoman!).  She asked me to exhibit, which I was thrilled about,  and because I had been wanting to do something like this for ages and because it generally sounded like an awesome way to raise some money for charity, I said yes.........only to swiftly realise that I had absolutely nothing to exhibit, let alone sell!

And so began 2 weeks of rather panicked and pressured rushing about trying to get something together.  I luckily had 3 or 4 pieces I had done in the last couple of years,  so I decided to find a good printing company I could use to get some cards and prints made up.

Eton Graphics well and truly delivered!  I managed to get 4 different card designs made up (2 of which I already had and 2 which I drew in the odd snatched 10 minutes here and there amongst Pippa's routine).  I decided to try and keep these on a countryside / wintry theme which I can easily add to and which seem to prove pretty popular.  Conversely the two large pieces I had drawn were on an African wildlife theme, but as these were all I had to offer and I had no time to do anything new,  I had to accept that my stall might be rather diverse in its subject content!

Anyway, the fair went really well and it was a very good introduction into the world of exhibiting and selling.  It really got my butt into gear and forced me to sit down and order a frightening amount of envelopes, cellophane sleeves, mount cards and backing boards.  Rather to Husband's dismay (although I know he is very pleased I have eventually done something about my dream to sell my art) our dining room is now very much my studio instead!  Pip likes to help too!

The manic Christmas rush on cards is now over (not that I'm complaining!), including having to find the time to write about 80 of our own, so I can go back to concentrating on getting some more commissions and originals done.  But first,  I shall reeeeeelax and enjoy our first Christmas as a family! Whoop whoop!!


  1. Ahh this is the cutest picture, What were the printers like with small numbers on print runs? Im keen to get some bits printed to x


  2. They're brilliant Els, I haven't done big enough runs yet to start getting bulk discounts, but they are happy to any size run. I think I just got 20 of each done at first. Just 5 of one design, so there's no minimum! Take a look - www.etongraphics.com and mention me! Lulu x


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