18 Dec 2012

Latest developments

It has now been nearly a whole month since I last posted (shocking I know, but I had a good reason) and so Pippa has been coming on leaps and bounds!

She is growing so fast that during this last month she has whizzed from Newborn sized clothes to now being in 3-6 months, with only a 2 week stay in the 0-3month range!

Other developments we've noticed are the development of a little bald spot on the back of her head from where she lies. I know nearly all babies get it these days, mainly due to the advice of keeping them on their backs at night / nap times, but it still makes me sad. Poor little baldy!! But her hair is now growing back pretty quickly on the front of her head so she no longer looks as if she has a receding hairline, bonus! I'm trying to get her to sleep on her side occassionally to see if that'll help.  It works for about 5 minutes, then she's back on her back, all frog-legged!

After weeks and weeks of fist and hand-sucking (which she used to do out of hunger but it quickly progressed to just a normal state of affairs) Pippa has now well and truly mastered finger sucking! The middle and ring fingers on her right hand seem to be the fingers of choice and sometimes she is so enthusiastic that they come out pretty red and swollen...I hope they don't fall off or explode! Haha!

The odd little squeal Pippa used to make amongst the wider cacophony of gurgles have now been replaced with full-blown cooing.  I remember reading the relevant chapter in my baby book a few weeks ago which told me that "your baby will probably now be exhibiting the very early signs of language, with a wide repertoire of coo's, oo's and ow's".....well, on looking down at my darling Pippa I saw no sign of any cooing, only a slightly dribbly bubble blowing game in progress and a much perfected grin.  However I am now very proud to be able to say that we can hear her coo'ing and oww'ing from downstairs and you can actually have some sort of conversation with her, she really seems to wait until you've finished talking before making her next ooo or ahhh.  Hours and hours are now wasted 'talking' to her.  It's bliss!  All nonsense from both parties, naturally, but bliss all the same!

Similarly we think she is making her first attempts at laughing. Occasionally her little smiles are accompanied by a squawk or a wheeze....only when she's very, very happy though......normally when looking at her mobile or having raspberries blown on her feet or tummy.  Oh.....and she has discovered her tongue......it is out alllll the time!!!

Finally I am so flattered and proud to be able to say that I think Pippa has started to notice when I'm not there. I know it sounds strange but until last week whilst she'd always have a big smile for us when we walked into the room etc, but she didn't seem overly concerned when we weren't within eyesight. However now she sometimes complains when we walk out. It's not loud or happening every time but it certainly shows she's getting more and more aware. Thankfully it isn't affecting her sleep, we are still incredibly lucky in that she hardly makes a peep when we leave her in her cot for naps or at bedtime! I'm not bragging and we do remind ourselves regularly just how lucky we are!!

To reconfirm my theory of her increasing awareness: I am currently trying to breastfeed her in a cafe in town (for some reason I've stupidly chosen to sit next to a full glass window running the entire length of one wall, which overlooks the main shopping street!  Hello boob!).  It turns out she is rather distracted by my brightly coloured nursing scarf, which is supposed to be preserving my modesty, and instead of feeding she is just lying there wide eyed and smiling, dribbling milk.  Worst of all, apparently the bright colours are so enthralling that they need to be vigorously swatted and yanked about, so my modesty keeps failing, much to an old man's disgust at the next door table. Whoops!!

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