1 Nov 2012

I've got the all clear......

.....to get back into running (read slowly jogging/wheezing)!!

I had my 6 week check-up with the GP following Pippa's birth.  It was mainly just questions to work out whether I am at risk of post-natal depression, how breast feeding is going and what contraception I'm using at the moment (ha! Yeah, right!!).  But also to give me the green light to get back to exercising.

Anyone who knows me will also know how much time I used to spend actively avoiding any form of exercise.  But in the 4 or 5 months prior to getting pregnant I had got into jogging, following a beginners' programme I listened to on my phone to slowly build up to running first a 5k,  then a 10k.  Anyway,  I actually really started to enjoy it and got pretty hooked to the whole running lark....I never thought I'd say that!  But as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped - it just felt wrong and I couldn't concentrate as I could only think of this poor little thing trying to stay clinging on whilst I flumped and trudged around!!

How I feel whilst 'running'

So, I am actually quite keen to get back into it and would relish the odd hour to myself here and there.  It would also hopefully shift my mindset away from the grazing and generally pigging out I seem to be sliding towards.  I need to bring back the smoothies and the porridge!

My main sticking point is that "the odd hour to myself" doesn't exist!  Pippa is a star and doing well in her routine and so there'd easily be enough time for me to get out on a run during one of her naps,  but I can't exactly just leave her on her lonesome whilst I go on a solo jaunt (thinking Social Services...).  And the only other option is to wait until Husband gets back from work, however he doesn't want me running in the dark, understandably I guess, so I'm stuck!

This is more the look I'm aiming for....!

Maybe I shall have to approach a friendly neighbour and propose a babysitting "trade-off", where I can palm Pippa off for an hour and take their sprog in turn whilst they do something un-baby-friendly.

Hmmmm.....I'll have to come up with a plan.  There's always the local leisure centre with its creche....but I do HATE treadmills!


  1. Friendly neighbour/ Very proud Godmummy would LOVE to have Pippa for on hour or so........ xxx

  2. have you thought about a babysitting circle? i have a couple of friends with little ones who are in them, they pay each other in pegs...ie 1 hour 1 peg a night out could be 3? this way no one ever feels taken for any you all get to help each other out and its easy to know where you are. Right i really have to stop reading your blog and go to bed, night x


  3. Great idea Els, we actually have one set up on our street....I just need to get off my behind and organise it!! It's stupid not to make the most of it! x


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