1 Nov 2012

6 weeks old today!

Happy 6 week birthday Pip! 

The last week or so in pictures...... (yes, this is the truly lazy way to update a week's worth of news.  I'm officially lazy).

The hideously bright and colourful (and oh-so-not-part-of-the-colour-scheme) mobile we were kindly given has more than earned it's place in the nursery in the last couple of weeks. Pippa has well and truly discovered it and initially just stared at it and it would stop her grizzling when on the changing table (it's  attached to the table at the moment, rather than over her cot, as she either goes straight to sleep or screams her head off once in her cot....there's not much of an inbetween mood suitable for    mobile-staring).  But now she grins at it and smiles non-stop.  So sweet!! 

Embrace the camera!!! Wow.... I've actually got one in
on time!

Needless to say the gorgoeous Little White Company mobile I bought with adorable pale pink and blue bunnies hanging off it is completely ignored and soooo not interesting Mummy...!

Starting to stare at the mobile... about 2 weeks ago

Now smiling and grinning at it....
you can see how much she's grown too! Chubba!

Sooo happy!! Really bad Mummy.....the batteries have already
died which possibly shows how much I use this as a
parenting tool!  Woops!

A bit of swaddling action.....The bottom picture shows a zonked out Pippa after an hour of grumbling and refusing to sleep regardless of me pulling out all the tricks.  Eventually she slept, swaddled up on the sofa.....bad Mummy!  Rufus was also very tired out by all the proceedings, evidently!

Again, about 2 weeks ago.....

......and today.

Sitting in her bouncy chair in the kitchen,  whilst I was on a baking mission for the WAGs coffee morning I hosted this morning....

Pippa now loves bath time and having a kick about in her towel afterwards.  She screamed and screamed for weeks...it's so nice to see her loving it now! 

Ohhhhhhhh dear......projectile vomit over the sofa (and down my back).....she looks pretty happy with herself!

Nap times....being a baby is very tiring!!

Wahhhhhhh, she's growing so quickly!!! 

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