1 Nov 2012

Getting the pencils back into action

So I am starting to consider getting back into some work.  I am very lucky in that I can do my work as and when I have time and can accept commissions at a pace that suits me.  I shan't pretend I was ever chained to a desk 8 hours a day and churning out stacks of drawings a week,  but things had certainly started to get nicely busy whilst I was pregnant.  I want to keep that up!

Luckily,  I have a few commissions in the pipeline already and most of these are for friends who understand that there may be a slightly longer waiting time than usual. 

I also finished updating my website today....here it is....!


So if anyone out there is keen for a portrait or commission of some sort, especially if you'd like something in time for Christmas, then please get in touch! 

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