5 Nov 2014

Where to start?

Where to start?  I know I have attempted to rekindle my blogging flame a few times since I stopped regularly updating over a year ago, but life just kept getting in the way......

and I simply couldn’t muster the energy to blog every evening.  I think I the pressure to come up with something witty and amusing at 9pm after a full day of mummyhood was just too much, so it kind of just fizzled out.  But oh how I have missed it!! Since stopping, so many events and milestones have passed by our little family and I wish, wish, wish I had been blogging throughout so we’d have a proper record of day-to-day life at that time.

Whilst I could fill an entire photo album (think the huge leather-bound jobbies your parents filled their bookshelves with) with snaps from over the last year, I am not going to attempt to upload 100s of photos illustrating all the ‘lost blogging days’…the prospect of which also turned out to be a huge stumbling block for restarting.  Instead I shall just start again now as if I had never stopped. And if I manage to fill in the blanks along the way with the odd nostalgic picture, then that’s marvelous!

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