18 Nov 2014

A solo parent trip to London

On Friday Family Anthistle (minus Daddy obviously) jumped in the car and travelled into London to stay with friends in their new house in Clapham.  I thought I was being terribly brave to be taking all three of my dependents on a solo mission, but actually it was wonderfully easy. Sam and Bindy gave me such an amazing break, some proper respite from dog walking and child entertaining. 


Thanks to the traffic gods we arrived in London very swiftly and with the benefits of an online parking booking system we were safely tucked up inside, nursing a cuppa within minutes of arriving.  We were spoiled rotten with two bedrooms between us, so Pippa mercifully had her own room (the chatting and singing would not have been conducive to sleep for Mummy!) and Thomas and I shared a lovely en-suite loft room. 

It was the perfect weekend of brunch-heaven with friends, lazy lounging inside out of the rain, an amble down the Northcote Road and walks in Clapham Common.

Brunch was amazing, Sam and Bindy had provided yoghurt granola pots, croissants, pain au chocolat, scrambled eggs, bacon sausages.....the list was endless.  Pippa ate LOADS.  Literally more than I have seen her eat for a very, very long time.  I was impressed and concerned in equal measures.  Her face here does look like she's in an eating competition.

Thomas had his 5 month 'birthday' over the weekend....my little boy has got so big...especially his cheeks!


Pippa was very happy in the house, she fed baby under my nursing scarf a lot, Cbeebies only came out once to fill that nightmare hour gap before supper time! Bindy made some amazing star-shaped cheese sandwiches for the little one's lunch. Pippa loved them, maybe it's time to arrange vegetables in smiley faces....she might actually eat them then!



I felt very at home wandering down the Northcote Road with my pram, although it should really have been a Bugaboo to have really blended in.  I knew I shouldn't have sold it! And Rufus probably should have been a Dachshund....he'd need a blooming big handbag!

We had lots of trips to the park.  Pippa and Will had an amazing time! Although, getting Pippa back into the pram afterwards was not so joyous.  Ohhhhh Lord.



I got a little helper....the only upside from her point-blank refusal to get back in the pram.

Rufus had a brilliant time and loved his little swim in the duck pond.  He wasn't such a fan of being tied up to the park railings.  He got lots of attention though! 

It was great to see them both and their gorgeous little boy, Will. Thank you guys!

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